Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Love of a Mother

My mother has made a lot of sacrifices for her children in her life, but this may be the greatest one I've seen yet.

Since I was small, my mother has never allowed pets (like cats or dogs) inside of her house unless they are sick or recently returned from surgery.  Then, they were allowed to stay in the playroom until they could walk straight. As soon as they recovered sufficiently they were sent outside.

We had other pets inside of the house, like gerbils, lizards, snakes, birds, and hedgehogs, and though my mother has tolerated these smaller pets that can't survive outside, she hasn't allowed larger pets in the house.

This week, we brought Dakota with us when we went to visit my mother.  We recently gave her a hair cut again and she's lost all of her undercoat since she's been living in the house, so her coat is too thin for her to be outside in the negative degree temperatures. We couldn't leave her at the apartment because Havelock has to work.

So, my mother has made maybe her greatest sacrifice ever.  She has allowed a dog inside of her home.  Dakota isn't allowed to come into the kitchen or dining room, but she can go into the playroom and downstairs to sleep with us in the bedroom.

Dakota has enjoyed being back.  She lived in the backyard for years at this house, and old habits die hard.  She has a hard time coming inside, and she still goes to the bathroom in the same corner of the yard, which means I have to trek through lots of snow to clean up after her, but it's okay.

Dakota has been very good.  I really appreciate the fact that my mother loves me enough for her to let us bring the dog inside.  She is a wonderful person who really cares about her children.  Due to her love, she sometimes allows things that otherwise would never occur.

My father's mother has made a similar sacrifice.  All growing up, they didn't have dogs in their home either.  However, when my aunt was grown, she got a little Shih Tzu.  His name is Teddy and he is a really sweet dog, but he wouldn't do so well out in the winter if he was left outside.  He is an indoor dog, and my grandmother has allowed him to come into her home because she loves her daughter.  I think she has come to love the dog as well, but it began with love for her child. 

Mothers are wonderful.  I hope I can be as selfless and giving as my mother. 

Thank you for letting Dakota in the house.

What are somethings your mother has done for you because she loves you?

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