Friday, December 6, 2013


Every night, as I try to go to bed, it begins. 

Usually, the dog falls asleep first. (Though sometimes it's Grig or Kevin).  Her breathing deepens, and she relaxes into slumber.

Next, Grig falls asleep.  As he relaxes, sometimes he twitches a little, but luckily for me, he avoids outright kicks. 

Then gradually, Kevin also passes out.  About that time, the snoring begins.

Kevin sometimes snores, but his are cute.  Their very quiet and there is just something adorable about the little grunts his nose makes.

Depending on how Grig is sleeping determines whether or not he snores.  Usually, if he is on his side or stomach, he doesn't snore too badly, but if he is on his back it can get pretty violent.  However, if it bothers me (which it rarely does), I just push him over a little and he stops.

 The dog is probably the loudest of the three.  I was taking a bath this morning after Grig had left for work and I could hear her quite clearly in the bathroom.  Again, it isn't deafening, but for some reason it amuses me.

Do I snore?  Sometimes I'm sure, but if I do, I don't hear it. 

I'm always the last one asleep, but the snoring really doesn't bother me.  In fact, I find it comforting.  It makes me feel safe. Weird, huh?  It is a sound that means that I am not alone.  I usually can go to sleep pretty quickly after that, and I never wake up to the snoring.

I'm a pretty deep sleeper after all.

If I ever have nightmares (which sometimes I still do, and let me tell you, I could write some pretty horrifying scary movies based off of my dreams) I wake up and find comfort in the sounds of those sleeping around me. Then I'll usually cuddle up to my husband's back and return to sleep with more pleasant dreams.

For some, snoring might be their curse, but for's kind of a blessing.

It also helps me know when Grig falls asleep while I'm talking to him.

If Kevin could, he'd sleep like this.

Does anyone in your life snore?  How do you feel about it? 

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