Friday, December 20, 2013

Kevin, the Boy Wonder

This morning, Kevin was playing around the heating vent when I heard him start giggling.  Interested on what he was getting into, I walked around the table to take a look.  To my surprise, he had figured out that if he picked up some scraps of fabric and put them against the vent, they would stick to it.  He thought it was awesome!

I videotaped a few minutes of it.  The vent is on the wall, so the cloth was sticking to it like a magnet, as long as the furnace was on. 

Kevin is quite clever.  We then had a long discussion where he would point to something and ask, "Is it?" 

I would tell him the name and he would laugh and say, "Whooaa!  Whooaa!"  He is very excited right now about everything. 

He also says, "Uh-oh!"  It's pretty funny usually.  Usually it's just because he dropped something, and not because something serious happened.

Kevin can run and climb.  He has four teeth and he sometimes likes to grind them, which drives us nuts. 

He loves the dog.  His favorite game is to grab her tail and have her pull him around.  She doesn't really mind, and she's very patient with him.  He also likes to try and ride her, but I usually rescue her before he gets to far.  When people come over, he goes over to the dog and puts an arm over her back to show that she belongs to him.  First thing in the morning, when he wakes up, he starts panting like a dog and looks over the edge of the bed to see if she's there.  She's old, so she doesn't play much, but he still thinks she is awesome.

Kevin loves his dad.  When Grig comes home from work, Kevin will laugh and say, "Dah?  Dah?"  If Grig ever stops paying attention to him, he says, "Dah?  Dah?  Dahdy?" until Grig looks at him or responds.  Then, once he does, Kevin laughs and is okay to go about his business again. 
 Kevin usually only says "Mom," when he is tired or grumpy, but I know it's my name.  He's very clever and seems very advanced for his age.  However, like one of my teachers said, walking early doesn't really put you ahead in life.  It just brings pride (or aggravation, sometimes both) to your parents. 

We love our son, and we are so excited to celebrate Christmas with him.  He's the best little guy we could ask for, and I know he was meant for us to raise.  We're trying our best and sometimes we make mistakes, but it's a learning process for all of us. 

He's definitely worth it.

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