Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dakota's Foot Obsession

Ever since Dakota was a puppy, she has loved licking.  When I was younger, I enjoyed it, so I allowed her to do it at her leisure.  However, as I've gotten older, I like it far less, so in our home she is no longer allowed to lick faces or arms.

Thus, the dog has settled on licking feet.

She has an obsession with it.  In fact, I called it her foot fetish, until my brother-in-law informed me that the word "fetish" can also have a sexual meaning.  Who knew?

I sure didn't.  It can be used in a non-sexual way as well, and that was the way I intended it, but for those who would think of some other meaning, I am calling it a "foot obsession" now.

Here is our crazy dog:

If she spots a bare foot, she will run over and lick and lick and lick until your foot is a drippy mess.  It tickles, so it's kind of funny, but usually we'll eventually put a stop to it.  If I'm not really paying attention to her, she'll do it for a while.  She does it to everyone's feet: Grig's, Kevin's, and mine.  Havelock never has bare feet, so she doesn't do it to him.

As weird as it might be, for some reason it makes her happy.  I'm sure I have weird things that I do that make me happy too.  I think we all have a few weird quirks that others might not understand,

For example, I love folding laundry.  I think it is because when I was a kid, that was one of the few chores I could do while watching television.  So I have good feelings associates with it.

I know some people who really like watching Glee, and I just can't understand that.

So, before we go judging someone's (or some dog's) weird obsessions, maybe we should take a look at our own.

Or maybe we should just make her stop licking our feet.  Sometimes it really drives Grig nuts, so we quickly put a stop to it.  It's hard to be consist though, because of Kevin.

When Dakota licks Kevin's feet he laughs so hard that it's hard to make her stop, because it is so cute!  Ah, the tough decisions of life. 

To stop licking, or not to stop licking.  That is the question.

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