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Meet the Tanks

We are the Tanks.  Our story is pretty simple.  We are using pseudonyms, but everything we write we will try to keep as truthful as possible.  Grig and Emma became acquainted while Emma was working and they were going to the same school.  One of Emma's coworkers was dating Grig's roommates.  She kept telling them she was going to set them up, but after several months Grig took matters into his own hands.  He rode his bike out to Emma's work and asked her on a date.  A few months later, they became happily married for Time and All Eternity.  Nine months after that came Kevin and their lives will never be the same again.

Grig Tank:
(we'll let him write his own description later.)

Emma Tank:

I grew up on the western side of the United States in a very small town.  I am an animal lover, an aspiring author, and an amateur movie producer and editor.  I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my entire life, and that effects in a large part who I am.  I believe in being respectful and kind to others, and trying to see things from their perspectives while still maintaining my beliefs.

Kevin Tank:

We tell him quite frequently that he is crazy.  Kevin believes that he is much older than he actually is, and every day he strives to prove it.  At just 17 months, at times he can drive us nuts, but we wouldn't have him any other way!  He loves people, and has a big smile for everyone!  Kevin is the focus of most of our videos, but who can blame us?  He's just a lot more interesting than we are (or at least, we think so).

If you want to contact us, you may e-mail us at atomicottercinema@gmail.com.
I can't guarantee when we'll get back to you, but hopefully it will be quickly!

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