Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Buying Christmas Presents and Meeting Santa

I love getting people presents.  It is so exciting for me, and one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.  I don't particularly like going shopping (except for books and other fun stuff, and even then, I can only take so much), but online shopping is easy and doesn't require me to leave my house. 

Ignoring Santa
This year we've been on a budget for Christmas.  We've actually done pretty well, but we're still learning.  We need to do some last minute shopping, but we're currently 90% done.

It's fun to have kids, because then you can buy them stuff that you like to play with.  I think Kevin will love his presents, but for a while, we might love them more.

We even got the dog a few presents.  She desperately needs a new bed, so we found one on sale at Petsmart the other day.  Poor girl has been sleeping in a cardboard box on some blankets.  Usually, she actually just sleeps on the carpet, but I think she'll like her new bed.

We were shopping at Petsmart when we found that you could take pictures with Santa there.  Kevin is usually very friendly, and he loves other people.  However, when Santa picked him up, Kevin didn't know what to think.  At first, his lower lip began to quiver, but he never quite cried.  He just studiously avoided looking at the bearded man and did his best to get away.

After the pictures were taken and Santa put him back in the cart he began to smile at him, but it took him a few minutes to feel entirely comfortable with the man.  Then they were friends.  Here are the pictures from Kevin's first encounter with Santa Clause.

At our church Christmas party, they wanted to make the program more about the Savior, so they did a live Nativity and Santa didn't come.  Which is great, but I missed having my son pose with Santa. I was glad that I had another opportunity to do so.

Trying to Escape


  1. Santa can seem scary to kids- a stranger with a beard and different clothing. You still got some cute pics! (It was nice that Petsmart let you do pics with Santa even without a pet! )

    1. Yeah, they were asking for donations for animal shelters, but the pictures were free. I ended up donating five dollars. Ah, well. It's a good cause I suppose.

  2. Santa Claus really is kind of scary. I think it's because his voice is so booming. Ho Ho Ho. How is that comforting?? And we should be non-shopping buddies. (except for bookstores) (mostly used bookstores because we'd spend too much money)

    1. We do like used bookstores! There's a great one where you live. We want to go visit it when we come up for Christmas. Assuming it's open.