Thursday, January 16, 2014

For the Love of a Spoon

The other day I was at the store and I decided to get Kevin a sippy cup.  He had lost the only one he had, and I thought he might really like the cup.  However, as I was choosing with kind to get, I saw a collection of plastic baby spoon and forks.  I decided on a whim to buy them for him.

It's probably been the best gift I've ever bought my son.  He liked the legos, he liked the blocks, he liked the singing turtle, he liked the refrigerator magnets, but he never puts the spoons down.  He always has one in his fist wherever we go.  He falls asleep during naps, clutching one in his fist, and he wakes up still holding it.  If he does drop it, which occasionally happens, he quickly finds one of a different color to replace it.

It's really been cute.  It makes me happy I bought them for him.  However, he can only hold one at a time.  If I try to hand him two, he picks between them, and then lets one fall.    

This morning, Kevin and I took the dog out to go to the restroom.  When we got back inside, I noticed that Kevin was being really fussy.  That's when I noticed that his spoon was missing. I quickly retraced our steps and found it just outside our stairs on the cement.  I quickly brought it back in and washed it.

When I handed it back to him an instant grin spread over his face, and he again clutched his spoon in his fist.  He switched colors a few minutes ago, but he's still has a spoon in his grip.

Isn't it funny the things we get attached to? How many of us have possessions like Kevin that we just don't want to let go of?

For a lot of people, it might be their phones or computers.  How many people go to bed clutching their phones and wake up and check their messages first thing?

Kevin loves his spoon.  Chubby fist, huh?
For me, it's definitely my laptop.  Besides the fact that it contains all my books that I'm writing, it also has all of my pictures on it.  Those are the things I would miss the most if something happened to it.  I have it backed-up on an external hard-drive, but still, if there was a fire or something, I'd probably lose both.  I am attached to a physical possession as well.

Kevin's just starting early to take after his parents, I guess.

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