Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Easy to Get Off-Track

So, we are almost done with the month of January, and I a little disappointed to admit that my goals have gotten off-track.

The first week I did great!  I accomplished almost all of my goals every day. 

Then, the next week, we got sick.  Getting sick really threw a chink into my scheduling and planning.  I didn't feel good, so I really didn't feel like exercising, cleaning, or standing up in general. Ultimately, I feel better, but I got out of the habit again. 

Here it is, my new resolve!  I'm starting over again tomorrow with goals in hand.  My new plan is to schedule in the morning and then get to it!  I've been kind of lazy this week, and though I could argue that I'm still recovering from sickness, I'm getting past the point where that is a pertinent excuse.

Today, we got up earlier, but Kevin has been crazy today.  I think he might be teething.  Thus, it makes it difficult to get anything done. 

I'm not giving up though.  This month may be almost over, but the year is still just beginning.

If you've gotten off-track with your goals, join me in beginning anew tomorrow!  This year I am going to make and keep goals.  I was feeling great the other week with how much I was getting done, and I want to continue to enjoy that feeling.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm feeling a bit frustrated too. I had a baby 2 weeks ago and I'm starting to feel better, so I'll get up and do stuff and then feel not so good :/ in betweens aren't always fun. But I have the same goals you do. I'm going to try a phone ap "be your own gym" that my husband & his friend have said works really well for a daily workout. And I want to go for a bike ride in the early evening before Jeff comes home from work, while dinner is cooking up (if I can remember to get something in the crock pot in the morning.) Also writing. Yeah... I have 2 manuscripts I need to finish reading & giving feedback on. I feel like stuff is piling up.