Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Funny Nap Time Story

Mondays are always hard at our house.  The weekend seriously throws off our schedule, especially Sundays because Kevin seldom gets the nap he needs because we are at church during nap time.

However, yesterday was going pretty well.  Kevin and I woke up at 7:30 a.m.  That was actually sad because I meant to wake up at 3 with Grig, but I couldn't fall asleep Sunday night until after 11.  I have this problem where I can't shut my brain down at night, especially if I'm excited.

I finished our tax returns on Saturday and we found out how much money we were going to get. We realized that with that money we were going to be able to pay off most of our school debt!  We also realized that I could finally buy the computer that I've been saving up for.  That means a vast improvement on our videos and I can actually do some of the family history projects I've been meaning to do.  Also, I've been looking at new animating software besides flash (because it's super expensive and I can't afford it yet) and I was excited to get started on making my movie that I've been planning for ages.

All of these things combined made it so I couldn't sleep.  Creativity is very hard to shut off for me. If it isn't my movie I was thinking about, I think about story plots for my books, or things that I'm going to work on the next day.  I'm getting better and picturing blackness and trying to fade into it to go to sleep, but it is very difficult when I'm excited to make things.

Anyway, we woke up at a good time and we got a lot done in the morning.  Then, Kevin fell asleep. It was a good nap where I worked on creating some things that I wanted to work on. I am trying to improve my landscapes.  Here's what I made yesterday:

Yes, the tree is upside down.  It's meant to be.  I'm experimenting with a word where the roots stick up in the air and the foliage comes up from the ground like grass.  I'm learning to use the programs I already have as well.  I drew this particular one on Photoshop Elements.  Still needs work, but I liked the final product.

So, I'm working on my art, and suddenly I hear this strange sound. It sounds familiar, but I can't place what it is.  I stop what I'm doing and listen. 

Suddenly, I realized what the sound was! It was a little stormtrooper toy we have.  When you push the buttons on the back it says catchy things like, "All units make for that shuttle!" or "Your orders, sir?"  I realized that the last time I had seen that toy, it had been on the bed with the sleeping Kevin.  I quickly walked into the bedroom to see Kevin still sitting on the bed pushing the buttons.

It was pretty funny. That was the only reason I even knew he had woken up.

Also, here is a cute Kevin/Dakota picture for you, just because the two of them are adorable and they are such good friends.

Another funny story for you.  We've recently discovered that Kevin LOVES Puff Cheetos.  The other night, we were having ham sandwiches for dinner, and we were sharing our food (as we always do) with Kevin.  He had a mouth full of ham when he spotted the bag of Cheetos and pointing to it, began to make the noise he makes when he wants something.  I told him, "You can have one after you finish what's in your mouth."

So, Kevin pulled the ham out of his mouth, walked over to Dakota and gave it to her.  She happily ate it and we started laughing because he is such a smart boy!  Then, he came back over and asked for some Cheetos again.  Technically he had finished what was in his mouth, so we gave him one.  It was pretty funny.

Have you had any funny stories with your kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren?

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