Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Disappointing News

A few months ago, we were in a tight spot.

Grig had just graduated from college and he was seeking employment, preferably in his field of study. The problem is, Grig wants to be an editor or a copywriter. Every available job application that we found in this field required one thing that a brand-new graduate doesn't have.


Grig applied and he applied for job after job.  Even the entry-level positions found more qualified individuals. It was a very stressful and trying time in Grig's life. There is nothing like being a father and being unable to provide for your family. He began to feel bad about himself, and to wonder why nobody wanted him.

After about a month, he branched out and began applying for anything that would take him. After another couple of months, one day, to our joy, a place called him back and wanted him to come interview! We were ecstatic...except we didn't feel very good about this particular job.

We began to pray and we received a very strong answer that Grig wasn't supposed to take this job. He then called the company back and told them he wouldn't be coming in for the interview. That seems stupid right? Why turn down the opportunity for a job when you have nothing?

It is because we trust Heavenly Father.  If he tells us a job won't be good for our family, we listen to him. It turned out, actually, that this particular company had a reputation for being dishonest and swindling their customers.

However, even more important than that, is that we were not supposed to stay in the area that we were living in at the time.

It finally dawned on us, after about three months, that we were asking the wrong questions.  We weren't supposed to be asking "Where are we supposed to work?" Instead, we were supposed to be asking, "Where should Grig get his Master's degree?" Grig wanted to achieve his Master's degree, but we hadn't been focusing on that long-term goal.

On that Sunday we changed the question. On Sunday night, we decided which college we were supposed to go to, and on Monday Grig applied for a job in that city.

Tuesday, the company called asking Grig to come down for an interview and Wednesday he got the job!  Thursday we found an apartment to live in and we packed up that weekend, and moved on Monday of the next week.

Grig has been working at that job ever since while we've been getting residency in our new state.

It was a pretty amazing thing that happened.

Why am I sharing this story with you?  It's because we are facing a similar situation right now. Grig's job usually lays-off half of its work force beginning in February. It's entirely possible that he won't have a job in a month or two.  That is kind of scary for us.

Recently, we applied for a job for the LDS church for Grig to work as an entry-level copywriter.  The job seemed perfect, and we felt very strongly that he should apply for it.  However, yesterday, this job contacted Grig and told him that his application would not be advanced to the next stage.

That was difficult to hear. We had felt good about that job, and we had thought that Grig at least would have the opportunity to prove his abilities as a proofreader.  (They have a grammar test that the applicants are required to take after they make it through the initial sorting.)  Grig does have about two-years of experience as a free-lance editor, and he has an incredible grasp of the English language.

We are pretty disappointed. That would have been a great opportunity for Grig to gain some much needed job experience and possibly get a foot in the door. 

However, even though we are disappointed, we still have faith. If Grig had gotten this job, we would have been required to move again, and we did receive an answer that we are supposed to come here. We don't know what the future holds, but just like the Lord answered our prayers a few months ago, we know that he will guide us and answer our prayers again.

The nice thing is, when the Lord is in charge if one opportunity is missed it is generally because He has a much better opportunity in store for you.

We keep praying and having faith. We have felt peace about this before, and I need to have faith that the Lord will take care of us.

Things are going to work out.  However, if you hear of any entry-level editor/copywriter positions, let us know. 


  1. It is so hard. But in a while, you'll look back on this and be glad, because an even better option for your family (possibly won't seem like it, but you'll understand in the long run) will open up.

    Jeff had a job for a while that was just miserable. He had too much to do, and nobody in the department that he worked for understood how much they were asking him to do, and got angry when he didn't have time to just zip over and fix their malfuctioning printer. THey treated him poorly. One of the people he worked with (not his boss, thank heaven) even accused him of dishonesty.

    The thing is, it prepared him for the job he has now, and made it so we were at the stage in life we needed to be to move to this house in St. Anthony. Suffering is hard to endure, but be ready for great things on the horizon when you are patient and follow the spirit. If we hadn't, we wouldn't be living here, and Jeff wouldn't have the job he does now, which is basically the most wonderful, perfect job for him. Sometimes it takes a long time. And honestly, sometimes even the perfect job has miserable moments. But it will all be good. Be excited, because you guys are totally blessable. You'll be blessed with great things in future.

    1. Thank you for sharing that. I read it to Grig, and we appreciated the reminder. I liked your comment about us being blessable. :) I feel the same way about your family!

  2. As an editor myself, I highly recommend that you have your husband start a blog or start contributing guest posts or articles to blogs and websites. Once he builds up a portfolio, it'll be easier for him to get a job in the field (which is highly competitive). Additionally, if he can show examples of things he's edited, he'll be more marketable. Websites like are also a good way to take on projects (and earn a bit on the side). Hope that helps! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers, and I've been a similar work situation before. It will get better!

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestions! Actually, Grig has been meaning to write on this one for a while, but he might start his own blog today and I'll link to it instead. He's been doing some freelance editing for a few authors, but we'll go check out now that work's slowing down a little. Thanks again!

    2. If you are ever interested in some of the connections i may or may not have to authors who may want some freelance editing, or to facebook groups where authors tend to congregate where he may pick up clients, let me know. The LDS market is more of a niche/narrow so sometimes it's easier to get an edge in.