Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kevin's Playdate

Yesterday, Kevin had a friend over.

Usually when Kevin meets kids, they either push him over or run away.  He's really friendly, and most kids his age are kind of weirded out by that.  However, one day we went to the library, and we met a little boy there.  He and Kevin immediately became friends.  They were walking around holding onto each other's shoulders and following each other everywhere. 

The thought occurred to me that I needed to get his parent's number so they could play together, but I thought, "That would be weird.  We just met."  I ignored the prompting. 

However, after we left the library and ate dinner we went to Sam's Club.  We were amazed when we randomly ran into them again.  Grig said, "Maybe we should get their number."

I admitted I had thought the same thing, and Grig ran after them and got their number. 

Last week, we called them up and asked if they wanted to come over.  They said that would be great!

We held the party at our house and had turkey soup for lunch.  Both babies hadn't had a nap yet, so they were kind of tired, but they still got along great! The only conflict we had was over a soccer ball, but it was resolved quickly.  They both enjoyed chasing the dog, though Kevin's friend was much better at being gentle with her.  He's two months and a day older than Kevin.

They have a lot in common.  They were both early walkers and they both love people.  I wondered a little bit if they knew each other before this life and they were great friends before.  His parents are pretty neat people too.  We all seemed to click really well. 

We had a great time.  Grig was having a day off (yay!) so we relaxed a lot of the day.  The playdate didn't last too long, because both babies were tired, but it went well.

After they left, Grig, Kevin, and I all ended up taking a nap.  Kevin slept for over three hours, which is nearly unheard of.  Grig slept for two, and I was out for an hour and a half.  Strangely, we were all able to go to sleep last night.  I think I might be getting sick.

Thank goodness for vacations. Grig is back at work today, so hopefully we can get back on a schedule. 

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