Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Blessings of the Budget

I was going to talk about something else today, but after this morning, this is pretty much the only thing on my mind, so I have to share this. 

We are in an interesting economical situation right now. 

Currently, we have been blessed with more money than we've had in a long time. We're still not very wealthy, but we at least have a sizable buffer in our savings, and that's been really comforting. 

Even so, we are trying REALLY hard to stick to our budget. We're also trying to save up for a few things and so last paycheck, we didn't put very much into the grocery portion of our budget. 

Then, we ended up feeding some extra people, which was great, and we were grateful to be able to help out. It simply left us with no extra grocery money. 

So, we were in a strange situation where we didn't have any money, but we actually did. We weren't sure what to do. We ran out of eggs on Friday, and we didn't have any fresh fruit. We contemplated going to the store and getting those two things, because they are kind of necessary and we actually DID have money...just not in our grocery fund.

However, after we went to the temple on Saturday, we stopped at my grandma's house to pick up Kevin. After we ate with them and piled in the car, Grandma came over and handed us a carton of eggs and a bag of fruit. She also gave us a bag of potatoes. 

I know it wasn't a coincidence that she just happened to give us the specific items that we were really in need of. I know that we were blessed for our service and for going to the temple. I have some pretty wonderful family members too. 

That wasn't the only blessing we've seen though. We get paid today, and we've been low on quite a few other things, but somehow (like the woman in the bible who provided food for Elijah and whose oil and flour never ran out) our supplies have lingered until today. For example: we were sure we were going to be out of milk by Sunday, but we still have some left. 
What have I learned from this? I have learned that when we try to stick to our budget, that the Lord helps us out. I have learned the blessings of going to the temple and paying our tithing. 

I'm excited to go grocery shopping today, but we're also going to try and be really careful not to spend all of our money right away. 

Hopefully it will last until the next paycheck this time. 

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