Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Yesterday started out well. I helped Grig get ready for work, and then I blogged.

Then, I made a terrible choice and played a game for "a minute" before I worked on my story.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Kevin woke up, and I ended up not writing much at all.

I had a really bad day yesterday. Not that the day was bad, actually. It was a pretty pleasant day. Kevin and I spent a lot of time together, and for the most part, he was pretty happy.

However, I was super unmotivated during most of the day and I was having a really hard time getting off the computer and focusing on what needed to be done. Usually, when I have days like that, it's because I'm stressed and don't realize it, but I didn't feel stressed.

Just unfocused and distracted.

Kevin and I played way too many games on the computer, and every time that I told myself to get off, I just thought, "Let me just finish this one thing."

It was terrible.

I did spend time playing with Kevin away from the computer, finished the laundry, and completed a few more things, but I really didn't feel good about the way that I had spent most of my time.

However, after Grig got home, for the most part, I was able to be productive again. I had a really good evening. So, I'm not sure what my problem was yesterday.

I am determined, however, to do better today. For the most part, I've been doing really well at scheduling and accomplishing chores and other tasks. I've been doing pretty well at most of my goals, and writing quite a bit during the day. I'm getting pretty close to finishing my second draft of my novel. Once that's finished, I plan on working on another Dragon and the Wolf episode while some people proofread and edit it.

I guess everyone has bad days where they don't want to do anything. I'm learning that the best way to deal with those, is just to do better next time. Every time we are able to exercise self-control, the stronger we become, and the easier it is to resist the little voice that says, "Just finish that one thing."

And then try again tomorrow.
Arkhon looks likes he's on stilts in this picture. Random.


  1. I have those days :) usually mine also involve way too much chocolate, so you are one up on me.

  2. Those are what I call nothing days. There are times when I tell Kenny "I just need to have a nothing day."