Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Anniversary Date

We had a great weekend.

Friday, Grig got off work about 4:30, and we were ready to go, but we also had to run a few errands quick...like buy ourselves our Valentine's present. We went to the store and got ourselves a chainsaw for Valentine's Day. It is pretty awesome. We're excited to do some pruning this year.

Then, by the time we got some snacks and dinner, it was about 6:15. I was on a hurry to get on the road and didn't want to make any more stops. So, when we realized we'd forgotten my planner and Grig suggested we stop at home on the way out of town, I was not interested. About the same time, I looked at the gas gauge and realized that we were about a quarter tank from empty.

I was in a hurry, so I just figured we'd fill it up later.

We had a nice drive, and Grig and Kevin fell asleep. We were going to meet my parents at a certain point of the trip. They had asked that we call them about twenty miles before we reached that point.

I did so, and just as I was talking to them, the low fuel light came on. I mentioned it, and they asked if we'd be able to make it to the gas station that we were going to meet at anyway. It was only 14 miles away, and I thought we'd be fine. However, after only four short miles, the speed of the vehicle began to drop, and the engine stopped working.

I woke Grig up, and we pulled over to the side of the road and put on the emergency lights. Then we called my parents again. We were blessed that they were so close. They said that they'd get some gas and come and find us.

As we were waiting, Grig decided to go ahead and see what the next mile marker was, so it would be easier to find us. He left the car, and we went forward. It was a tense few minutes until he returned, but shortly after he'd come back and we texted the mile marker to my parents, a car came and pulled up behind us.

We thought it was my dad, until a spotlight shone into the car. My dad doesn't have a spotlight. A few seconds later, a police officer came to the window. I turned back on the car and rolled it down.

He asked us if everything was alright. I kind of looked down and said, "We ran out of gas."

He laughed a little and told us that someone had seen Grig walking down the highway and our car on the side and had called the police. Then he asked if we had someone coming.

I told him my parents were on their way, and he said that he'd keep the spotlight on us until they came.

That was really nice of him. As Mom and Dad pulled up a few minutes later, they told us that there were actually three police cars behind us. Must have been a slow night.

Anyway, we filled up enough to make it to the next gas station, and then they took Kevin and we went to our hotel.

I learned a good lesson about not being in such a hurry. If we had gotten gas sooner, we wouldn't have been stuck on the side of the road. Also, in not going home for the planner, we forgot our checkbook (which turned out to be important later), and we also forgot our camera. The pictures we have, my father took them, we got from the hotel's website, or we took using my dad's camera.

So, we got to the hotel. We had decided to stay at Americinn and we had chosen a jungle-themed room, and we really enjoyed it. It was smaller than our room had been the year before, but that turned out to be fine. Here are some pictures from the hotel's website of the room that we stayed in.
I really liked how the walls and ceilings looked like canvas.
This couch wasn't very comfortable, but it looked neat.

You can see the jetted tub in the back of this picture. I love jetted tubs. Someday, I want one.

The bathroom was one of my favorite parts of the hotel. It looked really neat.
It was really fun, though half-way through the evening I found out that I had a pretty bad fever. Grig didn't even want to cuddle me I was so hot. So, I was sick over the weekend, but it was still super relaxing and we were able to completely de-stress.

The next day, we went and visited some family members and went shopping at a used bookstore. We also went to look at the puppies. When we got there, they wanted the $100 deposit in cash or check, so we said we'd come back later and bring Kevin.

He sure like the puppies.
We're not sure what either of them are thinking in this picture...
She is so cute!
Grig was trying to show the collar that they put on her for us to distinguish her from the other pups. 
We went to eat out at a restaurant that was closing soon, and they only accepted cash or check. So, Grig had to run to a nearby store and get some cash. 

In all, we had a pretty great day. It was nice to spend so much time with my husband. He's a pretty great guy. I never get tired of being around him. Other than the fact that I was sick, I have no complaints about the weekend. And, as I told Grig, there's no one else I'd rather be with if I had to be sick. 

Saturday night, we stayed with my parents and went to church with them on Sunday. We had a family dinner with five of my ten siblings and their families. It was a pretty good crowd. Afterward, we discussed Sister Wixom's talk from General Conference about "Discovering the Divinity Within." Grig and I led the discussion. 

We got home Sunday night about 10:00 p.m.. It was a fabulous weekend, and we're grateful to my parents for taking Kevin so we could go and spend time together. 

To quote Kim Possible: 
"Good news! Our marriage is stronger than ever!"

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