Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Yesterday, for Family Home Evening, we had a ward (congregation) ski night.

I guess it was more of a stake (combined combinations from the area) ski night, but it was pretty awesome, because they also had tubing available for children three and up.

Kevin is three now, and so we paid for use of the tubes and over-dressed ourselves to go tubing.
The first time we went down the 600 foot slope, Grig dragged Kevin behind him, and at the end he got pretty freaked out. However, a couple people suggested to us that we should let him go by himself. They told us that he would travel more slowly with his own weight than being pulled by ours.
Kevin and Grig going together. (We put the camera away afterward because it was getting too dark)

We decided to take their advice. Aren't we glad we did! Kevin loved it!

I went first, and as his small body on his small tube came hurtling around the curve at the end, I shouted, "Hold on, Kevin! Don't let go!"

As he came to a stop, I helped him up and he said, "Mom! I did it by myself!"

He was so excited. I think I had been more freaked out that time than he was. He proceeded to go for a couple more times, and just got more excited every time.

Grig and I also had a great time. The first time, I was tense and I kind of hurt my neck, but after that I relaxed and really enjoyed myself. I would go so fast around the bend that I almost flipped over a couple of snow banks, and when I went tearing around the end curve I rode so high that I nearly hit the fence at the top!

It was great.

After a few runs, we went inside to eat. They had chicken soup and chili available, as well as a lot of desserts. Kevin mostly ate chips and pretzels. We tried to feed him other things, but he was more interested in those.

After eating, we went back out and tubed until 8:45 or so.

They had a little jump at the very end, and most people kind of went up the side of it, but for some reason, I was nearly always going off the top and getting some air. One of the workers told me, "Now you're just showing off. We're going to have to slow it down. You're having too much fun." I laughed and told him he shouldn't slow it down. It was awesome.

We had to go to bed early, so decided we needed to leave. At about 8:30, we were talking about leaving and Kevin held up one finger and said, "No, one more time," in a very bossy and commanding voice.

So, we went one more time.

We're really glad we went. We had a lot of fun.

Family picture taken after the first run. Kevin still wasn't sure how he felt about it at this point. 

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