Friday, February 26, 2016

Car Shopping

Grig and I have decided recently that it's time to start looking for a new vehicle. Our car, which has served us so well for the last four years, is beginning to die.

It's been having a lot of dashboard problems, and it has a few leaks here and there.

So, the other night, we went out and looked at vans.

Why vans? Well, right now, everyone in our household doesn't fit in our car. Yes, we only have one kid, but if we wanted to go somewhere with Grig's brothers it would be very tight. It also is impossible to haul anything large in our car.

We are looking for a Honda or Toyota, and we think we've found one that we like. We applied for a car loan through our bank, and we're eagerly waiting for them to contact us back. Neither of us have ever bought a car from a dealer, but we're excited for this new stage of life. We've figured out how much we can put toward monthly payments, and we're hoping that this works out.

It is interesting, because a few months ago, we were getting new tires for our car, and we were trying to decided which tires to pick. We were going to get the very best kind, so they would last forever, but something stopped us. After praying about it, we both felt that we should get the decent, but much cheaper tires.

That answer kind of confused us for a while, but as we've had more problems with our vehicle, we've begun to feel that it is time to upgrade. Also, if we are able to have another child like we're hoping, we're going to need more room for our growing family.

As a side note...


I might just be a little excited.
She's so stinkin' cute!
All of these changes are a little scary. Life is going to change, and that always comes with some difficulties, but I think we're making the right choices, so that's pretty comforting.

We aren't looking forward to making car payments, but we think it will save us money. The current repairs that the vehicle needs are worth more than the vehicle. It's time to move on.

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