Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Rabbit Story

On Saturday, we were invited by our relatives to go to a Easter egg hunt/bunny chase. We decided it sounded like fun, and we thought that Kevin would like to chase some rabbits.

We got there a few minutes late, but Kevin was still able to participate in the Easter egg hunt. He quickly found one blue egg, and that was all he wanted. Children are so simple at this age.

We didn't have a problem with him carrying his hard-boiled egg around and other kids were grabbing the eggs, so we mostly just wandered and let him go where he wanted until it was time for the bunny chase.

For the bunny chase, they separated the kids into age groups. The 0-2 age group was my favorite. As you could see from this week's video, most of the kids really didn't get it. The people in charge said, "Ready...set...go!" and the kids took off running, but it was more of a running for joy and freedom than after any rabbits. A couple of the kids spotted the rabbits, but they were more interested in petting them than picking them up. We saw one or two pick them up, but when the rabbits began scrabbling for freedom, the kids quickly let them go. 

Eventually some of the 2-year-olds grabbed the available rabbits and the first round was over. Each age group had two chances. Kevin never did chase a rabbit. He saw them at one point while his dad was holding him before the race began, but after that, he just wanted to do his own thing. 

Following the 0-2 group, they had 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14. We had some cousins participating, and one of them caught a female rabbit. Then, to my surprise, they announced the mother's race. 

I knew we couldn't keep the rabbit, but I couldn't resist trying. My cousin who had already caught the other rabbit (who lived on a farm), informed me they would take it if we caught one. So, with an out in case I succeeded, I pulled up at the start line. I quickly selected my target (a rabbit, not a chicken, though those were also available), and focused.

As the announcer yelled, "Go!" we all took off. I wasn't the first to reach the rabbit. The first woman did a sliding tackle which the bunny leaped away from. Then I almost got the rabbit, but it slipped out of my fingers. Scrambling to my feet, I dived on the rabbit, and gently pushed its shoulders to the ground, pinning it. The lady who had reached it first was right behind me, and she jumped in and landed with her arm around it. 

Though I had reached it first, she had it in her arms, and she could have taken it, but she gave it to me. That was nice of her. When I told her that she could take it, she shrugged it off and said that they already had two. 

Oh well. Now I had a rabbit. 

Though we toyed with the idea of keeping it (it was really cute), we decided to give it to my cousins instead. It turned out I had caught a boy, while my younger cousin had caught a girl. 


My boy rabbit is now named Bilbo (they named it), and we found out yesterday that the female rabbit just gave birth. She had been pregnant when they caught her. 

Now my cousins have 8-10 rabbits. 

Ha ha. Hope they're okay with that. 

It was a pretty awesome race.

If you haven't seen the video, feel free to click on the link below and watch it. I slow-mowed it so that you could see that I WAS there first.

Oh, the adventures we have.

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