Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kevin's First Words

Kevin's been making leaps and jumps lately in the development department.

The last couple of days, we're pretty sure he's been saying "dog". He will point at Dakota, and say what sounds like "dog", and then he will make his sound for dogs, which is panting. In Kevin's mind, dogs don't bark, they pant. In the case of our dog, he's right.

We can now add dog to the words he already knows. He says ball, dad, mom, want this?, yes, hi, and bye. He may know a few others, but we haven't been able to figure them out yet. He babbles quite a bit. He's awfully fun.

Kevin also seems to be understanding more and more. I'll ask him a question and he'll nod enthusiastically if it is something he wants. If it isn't, he'll shake his head. He doesn't say no very often though, because I usually don't ask him about things he doesn't want.

He makes excellent animal noises, but he didn't have much choice, being my son and all. He pants like a dog, moos like a cow, does an impressive neigh for a horse, growls for most other carnivores, and whistles at birds. He hasn't got cats or pigs down yet, but we're making progress.

In the food department, we've been figuring out what he consistently likes as well. He always likes burritos. In fact, if you put anything in a tortilla he's likely to eat it. He likes eggs, cooked in almost any way, and he likes ramen soup. If I put veggies and meat in it, he'll even eat some of those. Grig made stir-fry the other night, and we were happy to see Kevin eat broccoli. He doesn't much like carrots though. He tends to like rice, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He also loves ham sandwiches. There are some things that he won't touch though, like cheerios. Sometimes he just looks at something and decides he hates it, and he won't try it for all the world. Hopefully that doesn't continue.

Adapting to this baby has been a great learning experience. Kevin is a wonderful, happy child, though teething can make him a bit grumpy. Currently, he has most of his teeth now, though he is missing his premolars on the top, and his canines and lateral incisors on the bottom. For a long time, he's just had two teeth in the center of the bottom of his mouth, and it's been adorable! However, yesterday, I noticed the teeth next to them are beginning to penetrate the gums. Soon, my little baby won't have rodent-teeth anymore.

Kevin is a lot of fun. He likes to ride Grig, Havelock, and I like horses, and he loves to play with balls. He is always excited when we take him outside, and he loves almost all animals (sheep still scare him a little). He's cautious, but brave. He's not afraid to try things, but he doesn't want to get hurt. He's not really shy still, and he loves people.

We have a great little guy, and we're grateful for him.

We wouldn't want him any other way.
You can see his two bottom teeth in this picture. I'll miss that.

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