Monday, April 14, 2014

Mormon Monday:Listening to Promptings

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that God still can and does talk to each and everyone of us. His voice is a small, still voice, and he usually communicates through the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes in this world it is hard to hear that small voice because there are so many other voices shouting at us. Sometimes it is hard for us to find a quiet place where we can try and hear what the Lord wants us to do, but it is possible.

This video was created by the church and illustrates this principle in a marvelous way.

We've been trying to get Kevin to move out of our bed and into his own for a while. Everything we've tried hasn't worked. We don't own a crib, but we've been borrowing a pack 'n play from my parents, but Kevin refuses to sleep there, so we haven't been sure what to do.

A couple weeks ago, we were given the opportunity by some kind people to purchase a crib. When we were trying to decide what to buy, I felt that maybe we should try a toddler bed. Kevin is able to easily get off of our bed, so the thought occurred to me that if he didn't feel contained he might actually sleep on his own bed.

So, Friday we went crib shopping. We had been planning on buying a cheap 4-in-one type crib from Wal-mart, but then we decided to check out a local baby store first. They had some very nice cribs that were all WAY out of our price range. Then, the store clerk informed us that they had a nice little toddler bed that was on sale for around $100. It was made of some pretty nice pine wood, and we really liked the look of it. It should last us for several children.

We purchased it and then were able to find a less expensive option for a mattress at Wal-mart. We felt very blessed.

The best part of this story?

That night, for the first time, Kevin fell asleep in his own bed!

This picture was actually taken the next day during his nap! Success!

It took a little while. At first, I tried to force him to lay down, but then I felt like I should stop doing that, and instead hum to him and just keeping him from getting off the bed. As I did so, his head began to droop and soon he collapsed on my arms, deeply asleep. The feeling of success and gratitude at that moment was incredible!

Saturday he took a really good nap in his bed again, and Saturday night he went right to sleep there. We are letting him get into our bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night, but only for a few days. We're taking steps.

Last night, he didn't want to sleep there, but as his daddy came in and helped, he was able to fall asleep again last night. That was a pretty tender moment as Kevin clung to Grig's neck while he started falling asleep.

I really feel like this was an answer to prayers and I'm glad that we listened to this prompting to try a toddler bed. It would have been very sad if we had paid for a crib and Kevin had never used it. He loves to play on his new bed, and it is easy to stay next to him until he falls asleep.

It is so important to listen for guidance. As we do so, I can testify that the Lord does care about every aspect of our lives, but we need to listen in order to hear His words. Sometimes following the Spirit can be frightening, especially when you don't know for sure how things are going to turn out. However, as we exercise faith we will never be left alone and things will work out!

I've experienced this enough in my life to know that the Lord is real and He does speak to us. I know that this is true, and that He loves each and everyone of His children. It is our choice whether or not we follow His counsel, but as we do, we will be led to peace and happiness.

And in this case....more sleep.


  1. a good step :) I am always so glad but also sad to have my babies graduate from sleeping with me.

    1. It's true. He's still joining us in the bed during the middle of the night, but we're taking steps!