Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Animal Days!

Yesterday, Grig had the day off (because his company was out of parts) and so we decided to go to a local event entitled "Baby Animal Days." 

Kevin was grumpy when he woke up, and so we were glad to get out of the house. For a small admission fee, we were able to see chicks, lambs, kids, ducklings, colts, calves, and bear cubs!

I was super excited about the bear cubs, and on the site it said to get there early so you didn't have to wait in line too long. Due to this, I felt rushed and was stressed how when we didn't leave at the planned time. Then, when we got to the park, I was determined to speed-walk to the bear enclosure so we didn't have to wait too long.  However, half way there, Grig reminded me by example that we were there for Kevin, not for me. I remembered that rushing isn't fun for anyone, and how could I enjoy the day if I was wasting our time rushing from place to place. 

Even slowing down, we still got there fairly early with only a good 1/2 hour wait. When all was said and done, it was a little bit of a let-down. You didn't actually get to hold the bear cubs (which admittedly would probably have traumatized the poor things to let so many people touch them), but I had been really excited to at least pet one. They didn't really let you too near. 

They were very cute, but not as cute as our bear cub:

Here's Kevin trying on his bear mask. After that he only enjoyed throwing it on the ground.
Mama bear and baby bear. Don't mess with the baby.
After we went through that line, we walked around and visited a lot of other baby animals. My favorite part was a stall with a couple of calves. They were ignoring everyone and standing far away from the bystanders. I mooed softly at a calf and extended a finger. Its attention shifted to me. Then, after I mooed again, it lowed back and walked toward me and began to suck on my finger. That was a lot of fun. I was feeling pretty good that I was able to coax it over to where Kevin could pet it. It's always fun to have a baby animal sucking on your fingers too. 

At least I think so.

Kevin probably enjoyed the calves, chicks, chickens, horses, and donkeys the best. He would pat the other animals, but he didn't seem as interested, especially when the mama sheep was trying to head-butt everyone who came near her lamb. Here are some other pictures we took:

Kevin and the baby chick. He really liked that one.

Kevin loved this donkey. 
After we had visited most of the baby animals, we went on a train ride. During the wait, Kevin got really grumpy, but once we got on the train, it was his favorite part. He cried when we finished the ride and wanted to remain in his seat. If not for the long line behind us, we probably would have let him.

Our family on the train.
Next, we bought some cotton candy and visited some historical sites. One of Grig's favorite parts was when we were in a root-cellar and some kids who were coming down asked, "Does someone live here?"

Grig responded, "We do! Get out of our house!"

The adults that were with the kids laughed and said, "Cellar trolls!" It was pretty funny. We then climbed back up and let them enter.

On our way out, we walked across a bridge. Kevin had been able to feed chickens grass and so had gotten over his slump and was happy again. I took some fun pictures on that bridge.

 It turned out to be a great time! I'll add some video on tomorrow's blog. We have a lot more footage where this came from!

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