Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scaring Kevin

So, today I was watching Julian Smith (a youtube star) with Kevin.

Usually, Kevin LOVES Julian Smith and will sing along with the music videos that Julian has created. Kevin has been kind of grumpy this morning (he's either still recovering from being sick, or he's teething), so I was trying to cheer him up.

Today however, we were watching a particular episode called Creepy Santa Doll. If you want to watch it so you know what I'm talking about, here is the link:

(Spoilers below for those of you who haven't seen this:)

This video is about a little Santa doll that keeps following Julian around until finally he decides to throw it in the fire. After the small version gets burned up, a larger version appears that makes Julian scream.

Today, I noticed toward the end of the video, Kevin had been sitting happily in my lap when suddenly as the larger version of the Santa appeared, he started climbing up to stand on my lap and hug me around the neck. Surprised at this sign of fear (he's watched this episode quite a few times and never reacted this way before), I decided I would have some fun.

As the large Santa began talking, I grabbed Kevin and made a loud noise. Kevin screamed in pure terror and began to cry. He clung to my neck and wailed in terror. I felt really bad, but it was also really funny. It is strange how quickly children change. He's never done anything like that before, and now I've probably traumatized the poor kid into being terrified of Santa forever.

Anyway, there's a lesson for you.

Don't scare your babies when they're already exhibiting symptoms of fear. I've done it before, and usually he thinks it's funny, but today he did not. It could be that he already wasn't feeling well, but I feel pretty bad about it.

Grig doesn't have work again today, so we're going to go to Baby Animal Days. We're pretty excited (or at least I am). There are supposed to be baby bears there too.

I'll probably blog about that tomorrow.

This is my official apology.

Sorry, Kevin.
This is the last time I scared Kevin. I threw him into a ball pit when he wasn't ready yet. Whoops.

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