Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moving Rooms, Haircuts, and Garter Snakes

We've been trying to make a big change in our home.

We decided that it's time for Kevin to move to his own bedroom.

Due to this, over the last couple of days we haven't gotten much sleep. The first night, I was just going to stay in there until he fell asleep, but he stood on his bed with his arms stretched toward the door grasping at the air. I finally figured out that he wanted his dad.

So, we have slept on his bedroom floor the last two nights to help him get used to sleeping in there. He's been doing pretty well. He fought it pretty hard the first night, but during his nap yesterday he went right to sleep in his own bedroom.

When nighttime came, he wasn't too sure about it again, but as soon as our pseudo-bed was made on the floor he settled down and went to sleep. He slept most of the night on his own, but at about 3:30 a.m., he put himself between the two of us. It was pretty cold, so I didn't make him go back in his own bed. It's hard to find a happy medium with the temperature in our house.

We don't have air-conditioning, so at night we leave all the windows open and use a window fan. However, this can make it pretty cold in the bedroom. It's hard to want to turn it off though, because then it's too warm during the daytime.

Grig and I are okay, but Kevin hates blankets and always kicks them off.

It's a work-in-progress.

Yesterday, I also gave Grig and Kevin haircuts. I had been intending to cut their hair before our trip to Virginia, but then I realized his grandma would want to see his curly hair. She was grateful I waited to cut it.

Here's Kevin's before and after pictures:

It turned out quite well.

Here's the back:
He has a lot of hair.

For family home evening, we went swimming in the river last night. Well, swimming is perhaps the wrong term. Wading is probably more like it. At one point, we were walking upstream and it was getting thigh-high. It was pretty hard going for a while, but a lot of fun.

It was also pretty cold. It was fairly warm outside, so the water felt pretty good.

Grig also managed to catch a garter snake, so that was awesome! We were climbing over a tree, and Grig spotted it. He quickly jumped over the fallen trunk, and snagged the end of it. It was a pretty good sized one. We hadn't brought the camera with us, but it looked a lot like this one, with big spots on its body.

Its head seemed flatter than the ones in Idaho, but maybe that's because it was sleeping under a log.

Who knows?

We're finally getting back to the normal schedule. It's nice to be home.

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