Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Am a Dream Blood Draw

I realized I didn't blog yesterday.

To be frank, a lot happened, and the day kind of went crazy.

Tuesday we had a few doctor's appointments. We had a general checkup, but I hadn't fasted for long enough and so they couldn't do a blood draw. They scheduled another appointment for this morning and then we left the doctor's.

A couple hours later, I went and had a few cavities filled at the dentist's. I had an extra couple of bucks in my purse, so I picked up some snow cones for us.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. My aunt and uncle were kind enough to watch Kevin for a few hours while Grig and I went floating down the river. It was so much fun! We borrowed an inner tube from my grandparents. We actually borrowed two, but we only had a tiny little pump, and we weren't able to fill both of them. After we had filled one up, we walked down to the river and jumped in.

We had the greatest time. The river would alternatively be very shallow and very deep, and sometimes we had to walk the inner tube over the rocks. We had a couple of really cool moments. At one point, we were swimming in a deeper pool, and a hawk landed right on the bank in front of us. That was intense. Small birds began to mob it, and it chased them down the river. I happened to catch it on camera, but after that the camera got wet and we haven't been able to turn it on since. Hopefully it's not broken irreparably.
Luckily, I was able to save all the pictures that were on it, including the video of the hawk. To our disappointment however, the video was pretty pixelated. This is about as good a view as you're probably going to get of the hawk.

We also found a neat area where there were a ton of HUGE fish. We're pretty sure they're carp, and we want to go back and go fishing there. We splashed and played and basically had a perfect date. Lately we've been feeling a sort of disconnect, and we realized it's because even though we've been living in the same house, we haven't been doing many things together. This date was the perfect solution.

Disconnect gone.

Dates are important.

Then, this morning, I went back to the doctor and the nurse drew some blood. Afterwards, she told me that I'm a dream draw. My veins are nice and large and squishy, and my blood just shoots out. I've never had anyone miss when they were trying to draw my blood.

That's probably why I enjoy giving blood. It's not very traumatic. 

Kevin is doing pretty well in his room, though we've had a few rough nights. It's bound to keep getting better.

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