Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Large Bruises and Head-Diapers

On Saturday, it was super hot in our apartment. So, Grig, Kevin, and I decided to go and wade down the river nearby our home.

We had a great time. There are a few really deep bends in the river where the water is over my head, so we could walk and carry Kevin through the shallows and then take turns watching him and swimming in the deeper water. He really enjoyed himself. He loves water, and his favorite game right now is to throw rocks in and watch them splash. He's pretty careful about the water's edge, and he doesn't really like being in the cold water too long, but we still watch him very carefully. All it takes is a moment.

At one point, Grig was swimming in a deeper pool and Kevin and I were playing a game. Kevin would stand on a rock (holding my hand) and then jump off it into the water. It was only waist-deep on him. At first, he would wait until I had put him back on the rock, but by the end he was walking against the current to get back on the rock himself.

As I was just thinking about that, I thought that was pretty applicable to life. At first, we generally can't handle the force of the river (or our trials) on our own, but as we grow stronger and more used to the current, we find that we can struggle and succeed even against the most powerful of forces. Eventually, we can even try to stand on our own. By the end, Kevin was able to stand on the rock and jump into my arms. He loved that.

After that, he started splashing me, which he thought was hilarious. We sat there and laughed for quite a while. I love my little boy's laugh. There's nothing quite like it.

We made it all the way down the river and made a few new friends along the way. A lot of other people had decided to go inner tubing that day as well, and we enjoyed watching them pass us. Sometimes they'd stop and join us in swimming in the deeper water too. A couple of young men in particular started jumping off the shore line with Grig into a deeper pool. They had a good time.

When we got home, I was surprised to find that my calf kind of hurt. The next day, this beauty showed up:

Beautiful colors, no?
Isn't it pretty?

Who knows when I got that. That happens a lot, actually. I don't always notice pain until much later. It must take a long time to travel to my brain. Either that, or my legs were numb from the cold. 

It's probably one of those two.

Yesterday, Kevin came running out of his room with a diaper on his head. I'm not really sure why, maybe he was worried about his head leaking. 

Here's a bit of Kevin-cuteness for you.

Our camera is officially not working. Luckily, Grig has an older camera from before we were married, and we've been able to use that. I'm pretty sad though, I loved my camera. We're planning on saving up for a really nice one. Canon or Nikon? What's your opinion on that?

And finally, for those of you who are wondering, Kevin slept much better last night. Grig got him to go to sleep about 9:30 p.m., but when I went to move him to his bed, he woke up. So, I got him back to sleep (without nursing!) and he slept pretty good until much later in the night. I had been praying that when he came in, I would be awake enough to take him back to his room, and my prayers were answered. It was still tough to want to get out of bed, but I was able to do it. He's still asleep in his room!

Pretty exciting. Hopefully this is where it starts getting easier.

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