Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kevin and the Bee

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved bugs. His name was Kevin.

His parents, who held no fear of them (for the most part), had taught him at a young age that all bugs say "Bzzz" and that it was okay to pick them up. As the boy grew older, he loved to watch ants, rip apart beetles (including cockroaches), and carry roly pollies in his hands. The roly pollies were probably his favorite. He loved the way that they rolled up into little balls. If he found one, he would carry it along for all his outdoor adventures until finally it would drop into the grass, uncurl, and walk away.

However, one day (yesterday) while at his grandparents' home, he finally met the source of the "bzzz" noise.

It was a pleasant furry creature that was playing around beautiful flowers. It had gorgeous yellow and black stripes and it buzzed peacefully through the air. Kevin was thrilled. His parents warned him not to touch them, but Kevin was fascinated by the creatures and he kept trying to catch them.

His parents finally decided that the only way he was going to learn about bees was to let him get himself stung. His mother, in painful suspense, waited in horror for the moment when Kevin would impale his tiny fingers on the stinger of the bee.

Kevin finally caught a bee, but to the shock and amazement of everyone who watched, he grabbed it in the perfect place: right around the thorax. The bee was trapped with its head hidden inside Kevin's fat, chubby fingers and its abdomen (with the dreadful stinger) sticking out. It was the only part of the bee that was visible, and it swung wildly around trying to attack whoever held it. Kevin had the protection of angels that day as he kept pointing at the stinger and drawing near to it and saying, "This?" but never actually touching it.

He was excited, and wanted (as he always did) to show his prize off to his parents. How could he know that his mother was somewhat terrified of flying insects with stingers?

As he proudly held out the bee stinger-first to his mother, she surprised him by darting away and running as he chased her around the yard. This wasn't normally how she reacted when  he handed her bugs and he found it confusing.

"Give it to your daddy!" his mom said as she kept out of his reach. Everyone was laughing at the spectacle of the toddler chasing his mother around with a live bee.

Kevin decided to do what his mother said. He turned around and walked over to his daddy, who dutifully held out his hand, expecting to get stung by the sweeping barb. His dad wasn't afraid of flying insects with stingers.

However, as Kevin released the insect into his father's care, instead of landing in his dad's hand, it flew into the air and resumed its buzzing around the flowers.

Relieved that no one (including the bee) had been harmed, Kevin and his parents decided to return to their home.

And they all lived happily ever after...until the next time.


I have been handed some pretty interesting things by Kevin. One day he had something in his hand that he wanted to give me, so I held my hand out and he dropped a spider into it. I was a little surprised. Usually he gives me pieces of paper he finds and not living creatures. I let the spider go outside.

Another day, he came over and I found that he had caught a cockroach. The head and thorax were pinched between two fingers in his left hand and the abdomen was in his right fingers.That was a very dead cockroach. I told him he could do that to every cockroach he found.

Funny, funny boy.

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