Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kevin's Superpower

Once upon a time, there was a young married couple who desperately wanted to have children.

Thankfully, their prayers were answered, and the mother delivered (via c-section) an incredible, handsome son who they named Kevin.

The new parents rejoiced, for they now knew that the greatest joy awaited them: the joy of parenthood.

They loved every second with their son, even when he drove them a little crazy!

However, it turned out that they had given birth to no ordinary baby. Instead, the were given the opportunity to raise a child with an incredible super-power: the ability to climb anything!

At first, this was a point of pride for Kevin's parents. At a mere ten months, he was already climbing on and off couches and beds. However, at seventeen months, things were beginning to get a little more intense.

One day, Kevin realized his time had come. He looked over and spotted the dog in a sound sleep.
(She didn't really drink this. She just fell asleep with it laying next to her, and we thought it was hilarious.)
Kevin realized that the time had come to invade and conquer her home! Before his mother could blink, Kevin was climbing the dog kennel.

 Kevin's parents were proud and horrified at the same time. Their last secure stronghold (the computer desk) was now under attack from their incredible toddler. No matter what they tried, the security of the desk was compromised. If they moved the kennel away, Kevin was tall enough to reach the printer chord. If they left the kennel alone, they couldn't prevent their son from climbing on top of it and trying to jump off.

The frazzled parents wondered what they could possibly do. They decided to take their son outside to burn off some energy.

Then, they carelessly stated the oft-repeated curse..."At least it couldn't get worse...right?"


The mother and father were now concerned. Unfortunately, along with his climbing abilities, Kevin had not received super strength (though he was pretty tough). They now faced the unanswerable question that every parent with a male offspring had uttered: how could they keep their son safe?

Their friends and family told them that boys will be boys, and you can't be there all the time. They could only pray that their son would be kept safe while he practiced his superpower and monitor the use the best they could.

Really, what else can parents do?

And hopefully, they lived happily ever after.

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