Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kevin Loves Birds

Lately we've been playing outside more as the weather has turned nicer. One thing that I really love about my son, is how much he LOVES birds.

Whenever Kevin sees a bird, he starts whistling in and out. Yesterday we spent a lot of the morning chasing robins across the field. They would hold still until he would get pretty close, and then they would fly away. It was very fun and frustrating for the little guy.

The other day we went to a duck pond. Kevin was a bit tired (it was almost nap time), but he was so excited to see the ducks and ducklings. He wanted to touch them so badly. As he ran toward them, he would cackle with excitement. However, whenever he would get close to them on the grass, they would waddle into the water and out of his reach. That didn't deter him though. He tried to step right out into the water with them.

I had to grab him and pull him away. That was very sad for him. He broke down in tears and sobbed. It was very cute and sad. Later three ducks came running onto the playground that was near the pond. The children spotted them, and they converged upon the ducks like wolves on a deer. The ducks looked up just in time and took off for the water with the toddling pack behind them. I laughed pretty hard.

Yesterday, Grig, Kevin, and I went to a place with a lot of ducks and geese. It's called Third Dam. We brought some old bread we had and Kevin got to feed it to the geese. He loved that! He didn't even get bitten by any geese. The geese would walk away if he got too close. We also waded into the river and it wasn't too cold!

We had a great time. We ran out of bread far too quickly. Next time we'll have to bring more. Kevin couldn't get enough of the birds. He eventually started getting tired and hungry, but by then Grig and I were hungry too, so it worked out great.

We all had a great time. I really enjoyed myself as well. It's nice that summer is finally here. I've missed swimming and being outdoors. We took some great video as well. Expect to see it this Saturday!

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