Monday, March 31, 2014

Mormon Monday: Lifting Others

Today, Grig and Kevin are sick with the stomach flu. Luckily Grig didn't have work today anyway, but after being thrown-up on all night, I don't have much energy today and I almost didn't want to blog. However, I realized that since they are both sleeping right now, I don't have much in the way of excuses and there were somethings that I wanted to share.

Saturday, I went to visit some amazing friends of mine. We were able to go to the 1st semi-annual General Women's Meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was amazing! It was so much fun to see my friends again (it's been a couple years) and I really enjoyed listening to the talks and watching the videos (even if I still have a really hard time sitting still). If you didn't get a chance to watch it, and had the desire to do so, here is the link:
It was a historic moment where women age 8 to infinity were able to sit down and hear talks from our leaders. Elder Eyring spoke as well, and I loved his message. Something in particular stood out to me.

He talked about how when we lift those around us toward God, that brings our Heavenly Father joy. We are all sisters and daughters of our Heavenly Father, and He loves us. Sometimes I wonder how I could ever pay him back for all the blessings that we have received and when I heard Elder Eyring's words, I felt joy shoot through me. It is possible to bring joy to our Eternal Father. By becoming more like Him, and by helping those around us become more like Him, we can make Him happy and proud of our efforts.

I love women. They are incredible beings with a lot of love that they share unselfishly. Some of my greatest role-models are women in my life who devote their lives to serving their children and families.

I want to be better at lifting those around me to greater heights. I guess before you can lift other you need to be standing on higher ground yourself. I am going to try to be a better friend and neighbor. I want to be more Christ-like so I can bring joy to my Heavenly Father.

I  think that's going to be it for today. Please pray that my family gets well soon!

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