Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts on Star Wars

The other day we were laughing about a Studio C episode and quoting it in front of my uncle, and he made the comment, "That's a super old movie! It's weird that their referencing that. Kids today aren't going to get it."

Here are the two videos if you're curios. They're both hilarious.

His comment kind of confused me. After all, I'm a youngish person. I was probably considered a 90's kid, so I was still fairly young when Star Wars I, II, and III came out. However, I didn't really like the new ones. I was obsessed with IV, V, and VI. I would watch them over and over. Yes, the graphics weren't all that good until they revamped it in 2000, but I really still prefer the older version.

What people (including George Lucas) don't understand is that the appeal of Star Wars wasn't in the state-of-the-art graphics. Those were impressive in the old movies and impressive in the new movies, but they weren't what made thousands if not millions of people love his films.

The characters were fun, the dialogue not bad (though there are a few painful moments in the old three), and the story line is fantastic. The force added a supernatural (almost religious) element, and audiences were enthralled by the originality of the alien races and cultures.

When I was younger, I carried this far beyond the movies. I read every Star Wars book I could get a hold of, and I loved Luke Skywalker.

The new movies destroyed some of that for me. The graphics were fine and all, but it was partially the writing and partially the acting that annoyed me. The transition between sweet little kid Anakin and evil teenaged Anakin who slaughtered little children felt rushed and unrealistic. Out of the three, the third was probably my favorite, but it still had some serious issues. Anakin's acting was always atrocious, and JarJar was a perfectly bad idea.

The (older) Star Wars trilogy will probably remain among my favorite movies until I die. I'm not sure how to feel about the new sequels that are coming out. I am dubious, but somewhat hopeful. I love the original characters and I hope they do them justice.

We'll have to see.

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