Friday, March 14, 2014

Making a Cartoon

This week, I've been doing awesome at getting up early with Grig! (Self-congratulatory pat on the back) Once I finish blogging, I usually will edit a chapter of my grandpa's life history that he's been sending me, and then I will work on making my characters for the movie I'm planning. So far, I'm half-way through the script and I've designed four characters.

This has technically been something I've been working on for a few years. As I mentioned before, Grig and I were able to buy a new computer and I also used my birthday money to purchase Toon Boom Studio 8, which is an animation software. It wasn't until now that I had technology compatible with my ideas.

The new animating software I bought recently also makes it possible for me to improve my animating for Dragon and the Wolf, so look forward to new and improved animations!

I am going to try and involve family as much as possible for the voices, so I'll keep you updated on my progress. The cartoons that I have created so far (The Dragon and the Wolf series) has mainly been for me to practice and learn how to animate. 

My brother thinks I'm silly, because it is possible to get actual 3D models who have already been designed by other people and use those free of charge. However, I kind of want to do everything myself as far as possible. That may be strange and extremely time-consuming, but I love it! I love drawing and watching my drawings come to life. It may be tedious, but it's a kind of tediousness that I enjoy.

If you want to see a little bit of what I've been working on, here is a raven from my movie, and a testing pose for Dragon and the Wolf using my new software. 

I'm super stoked about all the things that I'm working on, and sometimes I get a little too involved in projects. Those are the days that I have to turn off the computer for a while and just spend time with my son. Kevin likes watching my animations move, but he likes it even better when I stop working on them and play with him. The nice thing about getting up early is I now have a few hours in the morning that I can work uninterrupted before I have to take care of him. The trick is to stop working on it after he gets up. 

I'm a work in progress and I have good days and bad days, but I am grateful for the talents that I have been given. Technology can be a wonderful thing in moderation. Kevin is helping me learn moderation and selflessness. 

Babies are good for the soul.


  1. Hahaha!! We are soooo similar. Good animating. Also, good playing. And I am amazed you can get up so early :/

    1. Adjusting to a new schedule is always difficult. However, I've really been enjoying those early hours. Maybe we'll stay on this schedule for a while longer!