Friday, March 28, 2014

Visiting Friends

Starting tomorrow and including next week, I'm going to go visit some friends that I haven't seen in a long time.

This weekend, I'm going to visit my friends that I met in Nauvoo, Illinois. This is probably the first group of friends I ever had. We're haven't seen each other in years, but in a friendship like this, it doesn't really matter. I'm super excited to go and see them and to catch up on their lives and what they've been up to.

Next weekend, I have a mission reunion on Friday, and then a mini companion reunion on Saturday. I'm excited for three of these events, and I'm grateful that everything is being held relatively close. I'm excited to see my mission president again, as well as friends that I made on the mission.

I just find it kind of ironic that after years of not seeing anyone, everyone decides to have get-togethers within the same couple of weeks. We should be okay money-wise, because there is another pay period starting next weekend.

I'm pretty grateful for these opportunities to see some friends of mine, and I'm grateful to a loving husband who is willing to travel with me to meet them. Grig is pretty awesome, and I really want those I love to get to know him too. I think they'll get along swimmingly.

General Conference for our church is also coming up. Next weekend is women's conference and the weekend after that the Brethren speak to us. I've been looking forward to this for months. It's one of my favorite weekends, because it is always a spiritual feast. I'm eager to know what the Brethren have to tell us.

Can't wait for them to meet this little guy!
It's more friends that I'm looking forward to seeing after what feels like a long time!

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  1. I am excited for you :) also for the peace & love I feel, counsel I recieve, during conference.