Monday, November 4, 2013

Mormon Monday: Why Mormons Try to be Missionaries

I've decided that from now on, I'm going to have a "Mormon Monday" where I answer questions about why members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints act or believe the way we do.  I thought it was fitting to have this be the first topic.  If you have questions you want me to address, please comment below, and I will definitely answer your questions.

In the Latter-day-Saint (Mormon) faith we are often instructed by our leaders (frequently) to share the gospel with those who haven't yet received it.  I think sometimes, people from other churches don't understand what drives us to do so.

I don't receive tax benefits from sharing the gospel.  I don't have to pay less tithing depending on how many people I help enter the church.  I don't even get a guaranteed place in heaven for doing so.

We try to share the gospel out of love for our brothers and sisters.  We honestly believe that we have something wonderful that would bless the lives of every single person on earth if they would accept it.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful speaker at church.  He was talking to us about Hastening the Work of Salvation (that was the topic).  He said that when we are rushing or in a hurry, it is difficult to feeling the spirit.  I totally agree.  When I am in a rush because I am late for something, I am usually stressed out.  It is hard to listen to any feelings of peace or promptings I may receive from the Spirit.  So, his point wasn't that we should be rushing around trying to share the gospel.  He said that he felt hastening meant to immediately act upon inspiration that we receive from the Holy Ghost. 

I loved that!  Sometimes, I've been nudged by the Spirit to talk to people about the gospel and because I immediately listened, I found out that they had questions that I was able to answer for them.  They were able to understand more about what we believe because I didn't hesitate.

Another speaker shared that for us, helping someone be baptized isn't the personal success.  The success for us should be inviting them to do things with us.  As we give others the opportunity to come and see what our church is about, they are then able to choose whether or not they want to learn more.

Sometimes, even though Mormons are commanded to share the gospel, we are scared to talk about it.  It's not because we don't believe in it with all our hearts.  It's not because we don't think that you would love it too if you gave it a chance.  It's because we are afraid that you will reject it and us.  We are afraid that if we put something out in the open that we hold sacred, we will be repulsed and persecuted by our friends.  

However, I am beginning to learn that if people like me and are my friends, they already like the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is part of me.  They can see it through my actions and by what I do.  If those around me don't dislike me for living the gospel, why would they reject the information that explains why I am the way I am?

It's always a personal choice.  If I offer, and they're not interested, that doesn't mean they hate me.  It simply means that they have chosen a different path for now.

Another speaker said something fantastic that I also wanted to share.  He said, "We need to be offering something that is worth more than what we're asking people to give up."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints does require a lot from its members.  However, we believe that it is the true church of Christ on the earth.  Christ is our head, it is not a man-made church.  We believe that it isn't the church that is requiring those things of us, but God himself.  In return for keeping God's commandments, we are blessed more than we can imagine.

There are a lot of sacrifices that Heavenly Father asks me to make, but in return He offers me everything that is pure and holy.  When I give up a pittance to gain a kingdom, where is the sacrifice?  And why wouldn't I want my brothers and sisters (everyone else on this Earth) to be there with me?

So, that is why we Mormons share the gospel.  That's why so many of our young men and women are serving full-time (two year long) missions that they are paying for themselves.  It is a commandment from God, yes, but it is because He loves all his children and wants them to have the same blessings that we are receiving.  When we view it from the same light, we are offering our most precious possession to those who don't have it yet.

The gospel of Jesus Christ has brought me so much joy in my life.  It has sealed my forever to my husband and children.  If I continue to remain faithful throughout my life, I will be with my family forever.  I have peace in my life because I know that regardless of how wicked the world becomes, I am on the Lord's side, and if I continue my current path, everything will turn out all right in the end.  That's a great comfort when the whole world seems to be going to pot.  I want those around me to experience that same peace.  It is your choice to accept or reject what we are offering.  However, if I don't tell you what I believe, how will you know whether or not you want it?

That is why I am a missionary for my church and will be until the day I die.

This picture is from when I was a full-time missionary

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