Friday, November 22, 2013

Sound of Music Musical

So, yesterday was an exciting day!  We drove for a few hours to get to my parents' home.  We were going up to watch Sound of Music.  The high school was performing it and my brother was playing Rolfe, the really nice Austrian boy who ratted out the family in the cemetery...yeah.  He's the hero of the show for sure.

My favorite part of the musical was probably Kevin dancing and singing with the cast.  The musical was well-done and they had a lot of talent.  My brother did a fantastic job.  It's weird to see him in a musical and watch him kiss a girl.  Really, I'm having a hard time believing that he is the same little baby who used to totter around the house after me.  Crazy that he's so grown up.

After he kissed the girl, my niece began yelling, "Ew!  He kissed a girl!  That's the grossest thing I've ever seen!  Did you see that?"  It was pretty funny.  We all laughed really hard.  

Kevin did great during the first half of the musical.  He watched with rapt attention and danced and sang.  However, at about 8:30, he started getting really tired.  It was his bedtime, so he didn't want to stay awake anymore.  I tried to help him go to sleep, but there was too much going on.

So, we went into the hall and got to know the 'nuns'.  They all thought that Kevin was pretty much the cutest baby ever.  I think he was making them re-think their 'vows'.  Everyone in the cast did a fantastic job.  It was a very nicely done performance.  I didn't see as much of the second half as I wanted because Kevin is crazy, but what I did see was amazing!

At the end, when everyone was clapping, Kevin and I came back in.  He started clapping as we entered the auditorium, up the aisle to our seats, and he didn't stop clapping until after the music stopped. 

Overall, we had a nice trip.  We just barely got home.  There was a really sad part of the trip, but I'm not going to talk about that quite yet. My grandparents were really nice to take me with them to see the musical.  It was nice to be able to support my brother.

I did miss my husband though.  I kind of like him (a lot).  It's hard to be away from him for that long.

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