Friday, November 29, 2013

Gratitude Week: Mothers

Having discussed fathers, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the blessing that is mothers.

My mother is my hero.  I want to be as wonderful as she is.  She would tell me that she wants me to be better, but I have to shoot for something first.  She is so giving and selfless. 

My mother raised ten children and she did a magnificent job.  She made time for each and every one of us, and she always came to our events and supported us in what we chose to do.  She taught me about love and faith and steadfastness in adversity. 

She loves my father and treats him with respect.  They occasionally disagree, but I have never heard them argue. 

Now that she's a grandma, and she only has a couple kids left at home, she often baby-sits her grandchildren and she is always there when we need her assistance.  She'll drop anything for her children and she loves to serve others.

One time, I asked my mother what she was going to do when she didn't have any children left at home.  I imagined that she would say something like "Oh, read some books, relax, enjoy the quiet...etc."  However, what she actually said surprised me.  She told me, "I would like to serve in the community more.  I don't think I do enough."  That made me realize how far I have to go. 

Currently she has begun to help out more in the community.  She helps by playing piano for children's programs, setting up musicals, and creating costumes.  She is a homemaker to the fullest sense of the word, and though she received her degree as a nurse, she has spent her life being a mother.

My mother-in-law is also an amazing woman.  She has seven of her own children, and though there have been many difficulties in her life, she has done her best to make it work for her family.  She loves her children and adores her grandson (Kevin, he's the only one she has so far).  She has spent time and money to travel across the country to visit us and would do it more often if she could. 

She welcomed me into their family, and I've never had a "bad mother-in-law" experience.  Grig adores his mother and likes to listen to what she has to say.  She home-schooled most of her children and has tried to do what was best for them. 

I am trying to be a good mother like the wonderful women in my life.  Mothers, especially stay-at-home mothers, often don't receive any gratitude.  Single mothers also have it very difficult.  They are trying to raise their children and earn an income at the same time.  Not an easy task.

Children often simply expect the love and kindness that is so freely given, and never thank their mothers for the sacrifices that they make.  The house is cleaned, the cooking done, the dishes washed, and the laundry done and folded without any thanks.  Being a mother isn't always easy, but eventually we thank you for it.

It just takes us going through the same thing to realize all that you have done. 

We love you, mothers!  Thank you for all you do!

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