Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Counting Blessings

Thanks everyone who read and commented yesterday!

Today, I'm feeling much better. Last night, Kevin still woke up twice, but he went back to sleep (fairly) quickly. As for me, it only really hurts today when I run or if I get kicked (by Kevin). Other than that, it feels a million times better. Thank you for all the suggestions.

I'm feeling really blessed today.

We have been given so much, and it's hard not to feel grateful. In the place where we live right now, there are a lot of people who are struggling financially and with other matters. The more I learn about other people's lives, the more that I feel overwhelmed with the blessings that we have been given.

I have an incredible husband. Yesterday, I was reading a blog written by a woman where she was complaining about how her husband would call her while she was at the store. She could hear her baby crying in the background, and her husband asked her what he was supposed to do. She talked about how it was a manipulative move to try and force her to come home sooner.

I've never experienced that. Grig is an incredible husband and father. We aren't perfect, and neither is our marriage, but we're both committed to working things out. He loves Kevin and spends time with him. Their relationship is unique to them and is completely different from the relationship that I have to my son.

We have two wonderful dogs. Dakota is old and sweet. She's still happy and wants to be with us. The flesh is weak, but her spirit is willing. Sometimes we have to leave her behind because her ailing, arthritic body simply can't handle it, but she still really wants to come. She loves Kevin and Arkhon, though sometimes she also enjoys breaks from them.

Arkhon is quickly learning his boundaries. He rarely comes in the kitchen, and (for the most part) stays off the couch. He rarely has accidents anymore, though we're still working on that. He has learned to leave a lot of toys alone, and he doesn't chew on shoes or clothes much anymore. He and Kevin are best friends, and they love to play together.

I also have an incredible son. Kevin is really starting to talk now. Somewhere he learned how to say "mine" recently, and that is currently his favorite word. He loves to sing and dance. He's really into "Silly Songs with Larry" from Veggie Tale recently. He loves animals and can make almost as many animal noises as his parents. They're pretty impressive, actually.

He is a very happy, sweet kid. Occasionally he likes to hit, but we're working on it. At least he's not biting anymore. He runs really fast and he loves to play with toys. His favorite game currently is throwing balls for the puppy. Kevin also loves to grab the puppy around his waist and just hug him. Arkhon is learning to allow it. He kind of goes limp and waits for Kevin to let go. He's a good puppy. Kevin is learning to be gentle with him, but it is a process.

We have a sweet (but dumb) snake. He takes little work, and Kevin loves to gently pet him. He's getting bigger all the time. I'm going to have to post a new picture soon.

We also have a wonderful place to live with great neighbors. Grig has a great job, and I've been able to stay home with my son.

Our church is within walking distance, and we have a great ward.

I also am really grateful for my family. I have great relatives and in-laws. I don't think I could have picked better people if I tried.

There are trials and hard things that we go through, but compared to the things we have, they don't amount to much.

Life is pretty great, and I'm pretty grateful.

Thanks to everyone for being great friends and family. We are enriched by having you in our lives. Even if I don't talk to you much, I often think of you, and am grateful for the things that I have learned from you and am learning from you. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

Today is a good day.
What more could I ask for?

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