Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dog in the Stroller

I've been walking a lot lately.

During the morning, Kevin, Dakota, Arkhon, and I will go out with the stroller and go on 1-2 hour long walks. It's been really nice, because the weather's been wonderful, and I feel really good when we're finished.

This has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, but it was a beautiful sunset the other day, and I wanted to share it.
Kevin and the dogs really enjoy our walks too. Usually they all take a nap when we get back, and I can actually get a few things done. However, a two-hour long walk is too long for a puppy Arkhon's age, so usually after a few blocks he takes a break in the basket of the stroller. We try to take frequent rests, and frequently take drinks, but sometimes I feel really bad for Dakota.

She's pretty old and I can tell that by the end of the walk she is finished. Kevin usually gets finished with riding in the stroller by that time too. So, yesterday, I did something unusual.

Arkhon was riding in the stroller already, Kevin wanted out, so I said, "Okay." I took him out and said, "Dakota, it's your turn." I then placed her in the stroller. She sat sideways with her bum in the seat and her paws resting on the lip. She got this really happy look on her face, and Kevin helped me push the two dogs in the stroller.

We went that way down the sidewalk for a while, until we came to some playground equipment, and Kevin wanted to go play. We moved toward it, and I saw a little boy watching us. It turned out to be someone we knew. He was looking at our stroller, and suddenly his eyes got really wide and this big grin spread across his face.

I asked him if all dogs should ride in stroller, and he nodded his head yes. It was pretty funny.

Dakota enjoyed the break while Kevin played on the slide and swings for a while. Arkhon doesn't like breaks very much, but he is taking them better. I think he likes them more than he thinks he does.

I wish I could have taken a picture, but I didn't have the camera with me. Maybe I'll have to bring it today, just in case it happens again. I'm planning a shorter walk today though, because I have a lot of things to get done in my house. We're running out of clean clothes.

Our washer's been acting strangely lately, and the apartment is supposed to be sending someone to fix it, so we haven't been using it, because we thought they were coming soon.

They're probably going to come today when I have it full of clothes.

Dakota and Arkhon are becoming pretty good friends. She's old, so if he gets too rambunctious, she'll bark at him or snap a bit. I think in our language it would sound like, "Shut up and sit down!"

Unfortunately, it just makes him excited because he thinks she's playing. So, then we'll call him over so she can have a break.

Sometimes this happens though, and it's too cute for words:

Arkhon and Kevin love each other. They play pretty well, unless they're getting tired. Then hitting and biting ensues, but Arkhon is beginning to learn to walk away if Kevin is getting rough. That's a wonderful improvement!

To top it all off, we've had wonderful weather lately. Last night, Grig, Kevin, and I went out to eat for Family Home Evening. We had a coupon for a restaurant, so we ate there, and then we went on a walk together. We ended up at the library, where we checked out a few books and then walked/ran back to the car. One of Kevin's favorite things to do right now is say, "Run, run, run," and have all of us run (or speed walk when we're being lazy) down the sidewalk with him. It was a nice evening, and we enjoyed spending the time together.

Grig gave an excellent lesson on spiritual preparedness. He talked about ways that we can improve ourselves as individuals and as family members.
Arkhon chasing Kevin. He loves him.
We've got a lot to work on, but we're moving as a family, and that's what's really important.

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