Monday, October 21, 2013

The Most Intense Corn Maze I've Ever Been In

Saturday, Grig and I went to a place to participate in a Harvest Festival.  We'll be featuring some of the other things we did in this week's vlog, but I just wanted to talk about their insane corn maze!

We went to it last, it was still light outside, and we thought we'd be able to give it a quick run through before dark.  The longest a corn maze or any other kind of maze has ever taken us has been about 45 min to an hour.  However this was no ordinary corn maze. 

Luckily, we had dressed Kevin really warmly.  We also had a blanket in the backpack, just in case.  Grig and I were dressed in t-shirts.  We discussed going to the car to get coats, but we decided against it.  We weren't going to be in there that long.

We started off making good progress.  We made it all the way to the back of the maze, and then we got stuck so we turned around and tried to find a way back out.  Instead, after about 15-30 minutes later, we found the entrance again.  At that point, we asked ourselves, "Should we go get coats?  Should we just go?"  We decided to try again.  This time, we found ourselves in a different part of the maze.  Confident that we were on the right track, we kept going...and going...and going. 

Kevin began to get tired.  I tried to feed him a little (which was super awkward), but all he wanted to do was sleep.  So, after I carried him for while bundled up in his blanket, he fell asleep.  It was getting darker and we didn't seem to be making any progress.  We began to look at the paper that we had received from the ticket office, and decided it must be a map of the maze.  Here is what it looked like:

The entrance and exit were right next to each other though, and we couldn't find them on this image.  We thought the dark area was the path.  However, after talking to some other people in the maze, we realized that the white bars were actually the path, and the entrance and exit were on the center, right side of the image.  After a few minutes of wandering around trying to figure out where we were, Grig figured out that we were  at the AWHC.  Great.  We had a LONG way to go.

Grig was taking his turn holding a sleeping Kevin, so I began to try to navigate.  We had another couple join us.  It was now after dark, and all we had to see by was the light of our phones.  We were getting cold, but Kevin was wrapped up tight.  Holding him helped.  I navigated for a while, but I'm not very good with directional sense, so I kept getting confused.

Grig took over.  I carried Kevin while he began to successfully lead us through the maze. I showed him how I had figured out to get out on the map, and he was able to identify where we were as we traveled.  Kevin woke up about then and sang for the rest of the trip.  Grig led us out in another 20-30 minutes.  He was incredible!  At every turn he'd say something like, "We should be coming up to a right turn," and he was always correct!  Which was good, because by that point, I was freezing.  As we caught sight of the exit, we all gave a cheer!

We had done it, and without cheating!  We were pretty proud of ourselves.  It had taken at least two hours, but we felt highly successful when we finished.  We took a picture in front of the exit with our new friends who had helped us escape.

It was a great corn maze.  Probably the biggest I have ever been in.  It was quite challenging, and I know a lot of people eventually cheated to get out.  Without our map, we may had had to do the same.  It is amazing what a little guidance will do for you, especially if you can figure out where you are in the first place. 

Team high five!


  1. What great teamwork! Kudos to Kevin for boosting team morale by singing! I think it is a great blessing that Grig was given the ability to lead y'all out- a blessing I believe came to him while serving his mission. I think it is a wonderful thing to safely accomplish an outing, and to enjoy it to boot just gives you bonus points (and I love your team high five pic!)!

    1. It was a lot of fun. We like doing things together.

  2. I can't go to corn mazes. My husband has too good a sense of direction and we're always out within a few minutes. Drives me crazy.

    1. You should try this one. I don't think we would have ever made it out without a map.