Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Drawings of Our Family

Kevin went to stay with his great grandparents' yesterday while Grig and I went to the temple.

It was really nice, and Kevin was pretty cute when we returned to pick him up. He had been very well-behaved, and he was excited to show us some pictures that he had drawn.

Here is the first picture. I was pretty impressed. It looked like it had been drawn by a much older child.
I looked at the animal on the bottom, and I said, "Kevin, did you draw that? That is a fantastic pig!"

Kevin was a little offended and told me, "That's Siff!"

Of course. What was I thinking? It looks just like her. 
(Grig told me he would have guessed it was a pig too.) Kevin was so proud. It really is an awesome picture. Then, he showed us the next picture. 
I labeled this one based upon his explanation. I let him tell me what this picture was before I made any assumptions. See? I learn from my mistakes. 

It's such a good family picture. Our little guy is becoming quite the artist. 

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