Friday, March 10, 2017

Home Inspection and Surprise Visit

For those of you wanting an update on our foster care situation, we finally got our screen window fixed on Wednesday. 

Grig did a great job repairing it. It was looked awesome when he finished it. As soon as we put it back in the window, I sent in our checklist for the home inspection.

We've now been assigned a home inspector, and she's supposed to get in touch with us soon to schedule the home inspection. It's supposed to take a few hours to go through, so hopefully we can find a time that works for all of us.

We're waiting again, but this time it shouldn't be quite as long. I'll keep you updated. 

Yesterday, we got a surprise text from Grig's father. He's been on a trip delivering cattle for the past week or so. Last Friday, while we were on our anniversary date, he texted us and told us that he was in the area, but we weren't. We were sad to have missed him. 

We told him to drop by on his way back east, but he told us that the people he was with were planning on taking a different route and that he wouldn't be nearby. 

However, yesterday he informed us in that due to snow in the north, they were going to be passing nearby after all and he wanted to drop in to visit. That was pretty exciting. We haven't seen him in person for over a year, and he's never been to our new house. 

Grig was disappointed that he was going to be at work when his dad came by, but Kevin was pretty excited that he was going to see his grandpa. 

A little after 1:00 today, Kevin's grandfather dropped by 
Kevin was pretty excited. He drew a picture for his grandpa and waited at the window until he arrived. We fed him some food and then showed him around the property. He and Kevin had a great time smashing horse chestnuts and playing outside. 
Kevin was pretty excited to play tic tac toe with his grandpa. We'd learned how to play it at preschool the other day, and Kevin's been pretty excited about the game ever since.

After we came back inside, Kevin's grandpa began to teach him the finer points of the game. They had a really good time, and it was fun to watch them interact. It was really good to see Grig's dad. He's a great guy, and he loves his grandson a lot. 
Thanks for coming to visit, Grandpa! It was so much fun to see you!

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