Thursday, February 20, 2014

Random Encounters

I briefly mentioned before how we made some new friends at the library. We went there to pick up books and while we were looking, Kevin made friends with a little boy around his own age. They were having such a great time, that both Grig and I thought that maybe we should get their number and have them over for a playdate.

However, we decided that might sound creepy, so we didn't do it. We left and went out to eat. Then, about an hour later, we went to Sam's Club and ran into them again. Deciding that was too much of a coincidence, we got their number.

A few weeks later, we had them over for dinner. We had a great time, and their baby and Kevin got along great.

Just a couple weeks ago, Grig was at Walmart, and he ran into another young couple. He started talking to them, and they ended up exchanging phone numbers. Last night, we had them over for dinner. Their son was super cute, and he and Kevin had a wonderful time. He really liked Dakota too. She's a really good dog and sometimes I take her for granted.

When I'm having a stressful day, she can tell. She gets a little stressed out too. It's nothing major, but she'll start panting more than she usually does. When I'm already stressed out, that sound can get on my nerves. However, I was reminded last night, that she could be jumping or barking when she's excited instead of just breathing heavily. Sometimes, I need to chill.

Anyway, these encounters seem really random, but Kevin gets along with these kids so well that I can't help but think that they were 'fated' to meet, or that perhaps they knew each other before this life and they were really good friends. I'm not sure, but we had a lot of fun last night.

After they left however, Kevin started getting a fever. Hopefully we didn't give them anything. He got super hot during the night, and so around 12:30 a.m. we gave him some Tylenol. He wouldn't go back to sleep for a while, but even though I was exhausted, he was super cute. He was telling me a story about a dinosaur (I think, there was a lot of roaring involved) and he just kept babbling about it. I couldn't help but laugh.

After that, he slept better and cooled down, which was a relief.

Have you ever had any random encounters you felt like were predestined? Or people that once you get to know them, you feel like you've always known them?

That's the fun part of life, right?

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