Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Kevin is a climber. Since he could walk he was trying to climb up our bookshelf. However, this last week, his climbing has accelerated to a whole new level. I could explain, but see for yourself:

Kevin loves chairs. We've had to put our folding chairs away because all Kevin wants to do all day is climb on top of them and rock. It is potentially dangerous, but he's only fallen a couple of times so far. Mostly it happens when he's wearing socks because he doesn't have the same amount of grip.

Kevin has figured out that if he's on a chair, he can reach a whole new wonderland of objects. This means that when the chairs are out, they are in the middle of the room where he can't reach anything. So far, he does a great job of getting down by himself. He hasn't pulled a kitten in a tree yet (where h needs to be rescued), but I'm sure that will come.

The climbing has brought forth a new dilemma in our home. We thought that our home was pretty child proof, but that was only when the child couldn't reach the top of the table or the sink. Suddenly our home needs a make-over again. This brings up an interesting thought. I don't know if our home is baby-proof anymore. Part of what makes it child-proof currently is that Kevin is beginning to know what not to play with and he doesn't really eat anything off the floor (that's not food) anymore.

If we had another child, our home would probably need to be baby-proofed again. I guess you kind of adjust your home to your circumstances at the time. The same would probably be true if we got a puppy. Currently, our old dog has no interest in chewing on anything (even if she had teeth). However, if we had a puppy in the home, likely everything would be a target.

We have a pretty blessed life right now, and we're pretty happy with where we are at. That doesn't mean that we don't look forward to the future, but we're also trying to enjoy and be grateful for our current circumstances. As Kevin grows, we're trying to enjoy every stage of his development. Sometimes we think "Won't it be fun when he learns to...", but then we remember that the things that he's doing right now are a lot of fun as well.

Enjoy your life at the moment. Things will change eventually, but if you don't learn to be happy with the present you'll always be waiting for the future to make you happy. Why waste time?

Happiness is here now. Enjoy it, just as we are learning to enjoy climbing.

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