Friday, February 21, 2014

Living Far from Grandparents

This weekend, we are visiting my family. Grig is back to an almost normal work week, so he now works four days, and then gets three days off. We decided it was a good opportunity to go and visit my family since we haven't seen them in almost two months (except via skype).

Grig's family lives on the east coast. We are in the western United States. It is very hard to go and visit Kevin's paternal grandparents very often because we don't have much money or time. They have a similar problem, and though we try to skype at least once a week, it isn't the same.

I wonder sometimes if grandchildren who frequently skype think their grandparents think their grandparents live in the computer. It would be interesting to know what babies really think.

Anyway, we drove the three hours to visit my parents, and when we got there, we weren't sure how Kevin would react. It's been a while since he's seen them in person, after all. He's also a little sick, so that coupled with stranger-danger might make his wary of his extended family.

Our fears were unfounded. With typical Kevin-type acceptance, he quickly became comfortable with the real versions of one of his skype grandparents. He let them hold him and snuggle him.

We wish we could go visit the other grandparents on the east coast more, and we're trying to plan a trip there this summer. We had a great time last year, and Kevin should be even more interactive this year. Grig is excited to take him out into the woods.

We are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents for our son. We are sad that we can't visit more often, but we are grateful for modern technology that allows us to visit with them even when we are far away. I don't know if I'll post a video tomorrow.  We're kind of on vacation, so we'll see!

We love you all!


  1. I understand this. I have lived about 12 hours at least from every set of kid grandparents (and in W and M's cases, even thousands of miles away!) I'm grateful for skype. And grateful for good roads and fast cars. Not so grateful for the price of gas--we haven't been able to visit my childhood home for over a year. But family is family. Social media helps these days, too. Just grateful for everything.

    I also want to take my children out in the woods. But I am scared of bears. Maybe I should learn how to use a gun...

    1. I'm more scared of ticks than bears. Is that strange? At least you can see the bear before it begins eating you. I'm sure I'll get over it though.