Tuesday, February 11, 2014

27 Seems So Much Older Than 26

It's my birthday this week, and when someone asked me how old I'm turning, I had to stop and think for a moment. When I realized that I was turning 27, I was a bit surprised. That seems super old (no offense to anyone who is older than that.)

Look how much I've grown!

I thought about it, and I think it is because 27 is now in the late 20s, while 26 was in the mid-20s. Regardless, I don't feel any different, and I never have after a birthday, but it is still kind of crazy to think about.

In my life, I've witnessed some pretty crazy events. When I was a kid, we had a computer, but only because my grandpa is a computer guru. My Grandpa is now in his 70s. Most 70-year-olds struggle to turn on a computer. My grandfather still builds and repairs them. He is the only person I know that if your computer completely crashes, he can restore the lost information. He owns a computer store, so we always had the latest technology at our house. Many of my friends who are my same age didn't have computers until they were a little older.

We didn't have internet in school until at least late middle school to early junior high school. I remember in 4th grade, if we didn't want to go outside because it was below zero, we could stay inside and play typing games on the computer. I attribute this to the fact that I can type at a fairly decent rate now.

When I was a kid, our military was not at war (that I knew of). In High School, I witnessed the attacks on the Twin Towers, and saw our country go to war. That was a pretty intense time period.

In my short life, a lot of things have happened, but life has gone on. There have been scary times, crazy times, and downright awesome times. I'm grateful that I was able to come to this earth and to meet so many wonderful people. For those of you who are reading this, thank you for your continual love and support. I really appreciate that you are involved in our lives. We love you!
Kevin hugging his red panda.


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  2. Hahaha! I think I said this exact thing when I turned 27!! In fact... http://nosurf.blogspot.com/2006/08/nearly-27.html K. I wrote that like 8 years ago when you were just 19. I find this pretty hilarious!!! Happy 27. Someone told me, when I was turning twenty four instead of twenty three (another big milestone... mid instead of early 20s) that she loved each year getting older because it was getting more and more likely that people would take her seriously.

  3. I will make that a link so you can click on it and not have to copy/paste : Nearly 27

    1. Ha ha! It seems we truly are the same person in two different bodies. That's pretty awesome!

  4. It seems that way at times :) maybe 1 person in 3 different. Or maybe just family.