Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference April 2017

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had a really good time. Saturday, we got up and listened to the first session. Kevin painted and drew during most of that session. When it finished, we packed up a lunch and drove out to the canyon for a picnic. We had a lot of fun, and it was really pleasant. Grig always feels a lot better when we are able to make it out to the woods. Kevin really enjoyed climbing a small tree that we found.

We got back in the car just in time for the next session to start. After we got home, we made graham cracker houses with frosting while we listened to the 2nd session. Kevin had a really good time doing that, and his house turned out really nice. The frosting was yummy too.
This was the house I made.

This was Kevin's house.

Grig's house had a few technical difficulties, but it tasted good, so that was okay.

After the session ended, I fell asleep, and then, while Grig took a nap, I made onion blossoms and heated up some left overs for dinner. I think they turned out really good. After dinner, Grig listened to Priesthood session on his computer while Kevin and I hung out. Afterward, Kevin went to bed.

Today, we got up, watched the first session of conference, and then we headed over to my grandma and grandpa’s home. They fed us a delicious lunch of fried chicken and potatoes, and then we watched the final session together. Kevin did really well at being reverent during the last session. He was drawing pictures of ties with the other kids, but at one point, I looked over and he was really focusing on the television. He seemed to be listening intently to the talk. I was really proud of him.

Some of the things I learned from conference was that I need to study the life of the Savior more. That was brought up a lot, by a lot of people. I also felt like I needed to make sure my priorities were in order. The other thing that really stuck out was a talk about immediately following promptings when I receive them. The speaker told us that when we question or ignore promptings, we lose the ability to hear the Spirit. I don’t want to do that.

It was an excellent set of meetings, and I’m always pretty sad when they end.

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