Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Crib Story

During our home inspection, I was showing the inspector the extra beds and bedrooms that we have. I showed her the pack-n-play, and she told me that we needed to have a real crib in order to take in a baby. The pack-n-play wasn't permanent enough.

She told me that if we did get a baby, we could let him/her sleep in it a couple of days, but we'd have to get a crib. Since cribs are expensive, we decided we'd deal with that when we had to, and not to worry about buying it right now.

However, the next day, my grandma called and told me that she had been to a garage sale at a neighbor's home. One of the things that she found there was a crib and my grandma had thought of me and wondered if we'd be interested.

That seemed like too much of a coincidence to not take advantage of, and so we decided to get the crib. We got a really good price on it, and it's a really nice solid crib that comes complete with a mattress.

Grig picked it up after work on Monday. When he brought it inside our home, Kevin got really excited. He began to jump around and babble excitedly about "the baby" that was coming to our home.

He dashed off and exclaimed that he needed to draw a picture of our family with the new baby. He quickly did so, and then he showed the picture to me. Lately, when he draws our family, he draws me with a ponytail, his dad as just a stick figure, and then him, as a smaller stick figure. Sometimes he is wearing a cape. This time, he included an even smaller stick figure that he was holding.

Then, he wanted to hang it over the crib. We hadn't set the crib up yet, so we didn't know where he should hang it up. So, he stuck it in his room instead.

It will still be a couple of weeks, but things keep working out, even when we're not expecting them too.

I think we're definitely on the right track.

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