Wednesday, April 19, 2017


For my birthday, I received some money. I've been holding onto it, just in case we needed it for foster care, but after we had the home inspection, I felt like it was safe to use the money.

So, I purchased new curtains. I'm super excited about it. We've had the same front room curtains since we moved into the house, and I've never really liked them.

 Since this picture was taken, they actually were in much worse shape. There were much worse gaps at the top, and it was pretty nasty.

So, I ordered new curtains. When I ordered them, I wanted them to match the one I put on the back door. My mom had bought that one for me last year on my birthday. However, when the curtains arrived, I quickly pulled down the old one and Grig and I put up the new ones.

I was dismayed to quickly find out that they were too narrow. I had measured before purchasing, but evidently I hadn't counted for the ruffles in the curtains.

They were also a lot smaller than the one my mother had purchased for me the year before. Gaps showed on both sides of the curtains. It was pretty distressing to me. I had already thrown out the old curtain, and I couldn't return the new ones without it being a lot of effort and having a complete lack of privacy in our living room. I also didn't want to put more money into buying two new curtains, but I didn't know what to do. I just knew I couldn't handle having them look like this.
 I called my mother, and asked her to send me the link to the curtain she had purchased for me the year before. As she looked for it, we talked about possible solutions, and she suggested that I measure the back door. The back door turned out to be much smaller than the front window, and my mother suggested that I switch the front two curtains with the back curtain. Then, she suggested that I buy one more curtain the same size as the back one, and use the older curtain and the new curtain to cover the front window.

I felt good about that plan. It would make it so we wouldn't have to return the two new curtains and we'd only have to buy one more. She sent me the link, and I quickly purchased a final curtain.

Two days later it arrived. I was so excited when I put them up. They look awesome!
 I switched the front two to the back door and was pleased to find that they fit there as well. Now, we have blackout curtains on our front and back windows that match. There are no more gaps, and the curtains look nice.
I'm pretty excited about my birthday presents. It's nice to have total privacy.

Also, for those of you who have been wondering about foster care, we still haven't heard anything yet. I'll keep you posted.

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