Monday, April 10, 2017

The Garden Fence

Last week, one of the major things I wanted to get accomplished was to finish expanding our garden.

In preparation for it last year, we moved our playground equipment across the yard. Since then, though, we hadn't done anything else.
This is where it is now. I love it so much more.
However, we finally got to work on it again. Kevin and I took down the fence during the day. When Grig was on his way home, we had him stop by the store and pick up some wire to attach the fence more securely to the posts. He also grabbed an extra post. After we ate dinner, we all went back out and put the fence up.

I was also pretty happy with the dogs. Even though there was a gaping hole in the yard, they never even tried to go out of it. I'm really happy with how their training has been progressing.

Now, one whole corner of the yard is fenced off. We just have to finish turning everything over and we can plant. It's probably okay that we haven't gotten to it yet though, since it snowed a couple days ago. I haven't taken a new picture of our garden area yet, so you'll just have to imagine it from this one.
From the shed to the chain link is now all fenced off for the garden. I'm so excited to plant more this year. The hot-tub is also gone now, and we're removed cement from the ground.
It's really nice to be able to work outside as a family again. We've been really enjoying the warmer weather. I'll try to keep you updated on new projects as we work on them. 

We haven't heard back from the foster care office yet, but it should be this week or next week.

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