Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Three Blessings

Yesterday might have been a really difficult day for me.

I once again found out that I wasn't pregnant, and the familiar pain began to descend upon me. However, I've been trying harder to accept God's will, and I had asked him that if I wasn't pregnant, that he would send me peace. He sent me more than that.

Some of my favorite pictures I've taken of Siff
The first blessing that we received is our new puppy on Saturday. It is so nice to have a baby around. Siff still sleeps most of the day, and is super cuddly when she's tired. She so adorable and soft. She's a lot of fun to play with. Everyone loves her and she's doing really well with potty training.

She's so cute!

Look at that widdle face!

The second blessing took a huge worry off my shoulders.

We've been planning a trip to visit Grig's parents, and our previous plans for who was going to watch our dogs fell through (through no fault of their own). I had been thinking and praying a lot about what we should do while we are gone. I had felt that things were going to work out, but I just didn't know how. Then, yesterday, my sister called and offered to take them. She lives in Idaho, so normally that wouldn't work out, except that my parents happen to be coming to visit the day before we leave. My mom agreed to take the dogs home with her so my sister could watch them.
It's nice to know they'll be in good hands. 

Best friends

This is a nice shot of Arkhon

That was a such a miracle for me, and I'm really grateful to my family for how wonderful they are.

The third blessing was a friend who called to ask me to watch her kids. It was nice to have so many things to take my mind off of my disappointment.

Between babysitting, Siff, Kevin, and Arkhon, I had plenty to keep me busy. It turned out to be a pretty nice, if not very productive, day.

Kevin LOVES to pick up his puppy. 
Arkhon was feeling neglected because he had to share attention. So he came and planted his head on top of mine. It was pretty funny.
I'm grateful that I received such great blessings yesterday. Heavenly Father is very kind to me and my family. I'm grateful for our new pup, and such wonderful friends and family.

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