Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kisses Are Gross

Sometimes when Kevin and I watch movies, and the people on the screen kiss, I'll say something like, "Ew, gross!" It's actually something I've done for years. Who knows why?

So, Kevin started mimicking that. I thought it was pretty funny, especially when sometimes Grig and I would kiss and he would say, "Gross!"

However, this started to worry Grig. A couple of nights ago, he tried to give Kevin a kiss, but Kevin told him it was gross. In sadness, Grig said, "I guess that's it. No more kissing my son."

So, I then explained to Kevin that when Mommy and Daddy kiss is it okay, and it is okay for parents to kiss their children because it shows they love them.

It took about twenty minutes after we had that little talk, and then Kevin said, "I want to give you a kiss." He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then he wanted to give his daddy a kiss on the cheek. Then, because Havelock was there, he wanted to give Havelock a kiss on the cheek too.

He's a really sweet boy. That made Grig feel a lot better.

Kevin is quite intelligent. He understands some pretty complex things. That's why I also have to be careful what I say. Obviously, we don't want him going around kissing everyone, but we also don't want him to really think that kissing is gross.

After all, sometimes I like to kiss my son (and husband) too.

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