Monday, March 14, 2016

Daylight Savings and Primary

For my entire life, I've loved Daylight Savings in the fall, but hated it in the spring. In the fall, it meant we got to sleep in an extra hour, but in the spring it meant I had to wake up earlier.

Weirdly, for the first time ever, I'm enjoying it today.

Kevin usually wakes up about 7:00 a.m. or earlier. That means that if I don't get right to work, I don't have any time to write or blog. However, 7:00 is now 8:00. That means that if he gets up at the regular time today, I will have a whole extra hour to get things done.


That doesn't mean that I like getting up an hour earlier, but I am excited for the extra hour it gives me.

In the same way, I had a hard time in fall because even though I was supposed to get an extra hour of sleep, it didn't happen because my son kept getting up at the same time anyway.

This time the transition hasn't been so bad.

Yesterday, church was kind of exciting. Currently, I am the primary chorister, which means I teach the kids music. We have a junior primary (for kids ages 3-7) and a senior primary (for ages 8-11). Yesterday, the junior primary was pretty...crazy.

Usually, I don't have hard time engaging them, and it's pretty easy to teach them music. However, yesterday, it took nearly the whole time to get them singing, and if I was talking, I didn't get any attention at all. I was very grateful for the activity that I was inspired to plan.

I drew a thermometer on the board and told them that every time they sang better, we would go up a degree, and if they sang really well, we'd blow the top off of our thermometer. I had to teach them the song first though, and that was when they were not really listening. However, after we ran through it and started singing, they really began to do their best. Even my little sunbeams (the three-year-olds) were singing their hearts out.

My son is in that group, and I'm never sure what to do. I don't know what kind of parent-teacher I am yet. I don't know if I focus on him the most, or if I ignore him, or if I treat him like every other kid. It's a hard balance to find. I don't want to ignore him, but I don't want to give him special treatment either. So, I try and call on him occasionally.

I really love my son.

Oh! The other exciting event that happened at church was during senior primary. We were learning the song, and some of the kids started shouting, "Spider! Spider!" I looked, and a small spider was descending from the ceiling toward one of the teacher's hair. I quickly moved over, grabbed the web at a higher point, and took the dangling spider over by the trash can. I tried to calm down the excited children by telling them that it was a "good spider" and they didn't need to worry about it. They did calm down pretty quickly, and soon they were singing again.

I love primary.

The puppy is doing okay with daylight savings too. She doesn't know the difference really. Things are going well with her. She's super smart and is picking things up pretty quickly. She can already sit and she's learning to speak. Once she can bark on command, I'm going to teach her how to bark when she wants to go outside. Then, hopefully, potty training will go faster. She doesn't have very many accidents, but they do happen occasionally.

The thing we're struggling with now, is trying to help her bond to us more than she bonds to Arkhon. To that end, we've been trying to have time with the puppy when Arkhon is removed from the situation. It's kind of crazy how much better she listens when he's not around. However, we want her to listen when he is around too, so I'm going to be trying some new things this week. We'll see how they go.

I love my dogs.

Kevin really likes having two dogs. Friday, when he and I were out walking, he turned to me and said, "We have two dogs, Mom!" He was pretty excited about it.

I am too.

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